Other Memory: 2013

Other Memory: 2013

Other Memory: 2013

Sorry for the delayed post. Been busy with GenBuKen affairs during the Sportsfest. WISH # 5: GET ON WITH IT FOR MY CREATIVE WRITING

I'll still continue to write poetry and essays. However ...

At the urging of these two literary giants' inspiration ...

... I have been brainstorming concepts for this possible series of books I plan to write later on. I do not have any exact story lines for the plot yet, but I have been doing some research during my spare time. Momentarily called "Project Imhil", it will be in the high fantasy genre but with a lot more allusions to Philippine Mythology and Filipino History. I gotta polish my story-writing first ...


Oh sure, wishful thinking of perhaps playing God and changing a few , but crucial, events in our history can be great. (1) unleashing an earthquake on the participants of the 1898 Treaty of Paris so that the Philippines would not be sold to those damned Yankee colonizers, (2) letting Bonifacio win the revolt against the Spaniards, (3) sinkng the ships of those pesky Spanish expeditions)

But then, that would make us wear loincloths (bahag),

fend off headhunters from other tribes and practice animistic rituals compulsorily TO THIS DAY.

and practice animistic rituals compulsorily. I just wish that we should show more respect and acknowledgment for indigenous culture, though. Our intricate ethnic arts and crafts can equal (or be even greater than) foreign ones.

And our REAL OPM is this awesome.


Because landlessness, unemployment and poverty are still gaping realities brought about by three things: unequal distribution of wealth, elitist / transnational / foreign agenda, and inherent systemic corruption.

Same thing with the working class in the cities. Anhon mo man ang imo degree sa Engineering, Education kag Medtech kon ang tupa mo man lang, CALL CENTER ?! Kag ka-afford man ayhan mag-call center ang mga kargador kag factory worker? Swerte man lang tuod ang makagwa sa Pilipinas, galing kay gaka-brenda [maged] kita tungod sang bren- east, brain drain.:P

Ang hirap ng marami ay sagana ng ilan Ang nagpapandain, walang laman ang tiyan

Ang nagpapanday ng gusali at lansangan,

Other Memory: 2013

Many decades have passed.

There are those who claim to bring change if they ever win during the election period. And so they try to come out clean and play nice to everyone who is a potential voter. However, when they are put to power, they tend to succumb to power playing to the point that they are influenced by those already in power who maintain the same old order of things. They are no longer the squeaky clean and nice leaders we thought they were during the campaign period. Thus, things stay the same. Crime, war, corruption, poverty, injustice, suffering, apathy ... Same old, same old.

Indeed, changing the individual is also a crucial step to social change, but more important is to change the system. Individuals are imperfect, free and fickle. Try to change each one and there would be a great likelihood that he or she would just ignore you or even deride you. But try to change the system, and people will be more likely to be conditioned to what good and proper they are for themselves.

Change the individual? Ako ang simula bull $ #! +? Oh, puh-lease ... Society is a collective effort. In particular the person and small group should be the focus or center of social attention. Society does not rely on the ego of merely one person or a few people in order to survive. Otherwise, that person or group might become a potential dictatorship while the rest would become cannon-fodder for the wars or sacrificial lambs being herded to the slaughter. Thus, the individual should not just change himself or herself.

He or she must also change other people in order to change himself or herself. They must change each other. We must change each other. After all, society is not just me OR you OR him OR her OR them OR us. Society is us altogether. We altogether are society. And by changing the system into a better one, we can become better individuals who are part of a better society.

And if the repressive and malevolent continue being makulit with their whims and hidden agendas, well ...

Ang KATULAD MO'Y BABAGSAK DIN! Well, good luck, godspeed, ♫ , God bless! BWAS NAAAAAA! XD

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