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Lithovit ", the name: Litho (Greek) means stone and Vit from Vita (Latin) refers to life.

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Such natural stone is limestone, (Calcium, Magnesium) carbonate (Ca, Mg) CO3 containing a number of minor nutrients important for plant physiology. Limestone is milled in Hitech- Nano mills rotating with up to 20000 revolutions per minute to Lithovit®, a very fine powder of particle size mostly < 10μ. The special treatment is the Tribodynamic Activation.

The most important function that takes place in the plant is the Photosynthesis. Complicated physicochemical reactions take place in this process which is initiated by light absorption by means of the light sensitive chlorophyl in the leaves. Finally Carbon dioxide + water are converted into Carbohydrates + Oxygen.

Water exists in plant cells. Carbon dioxide is taken up from the atmosphere. The volume concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 0.03 - 0.04% which is far from that needed for optimum photosynthesis.

How is CO2 set free from such tribodynamic activated particles? aqueous suspension (0.5%) of such extreme fine powder is sprayed on the leaves. The Lithovit® particles penetrate due to their small size through the stomata (breathing pores) into the inter-cellular compartment. The rest remains the thin layer on the leaf surface.

The CO2 responsible from the Lithovit® are described as follows: 1) Release of CO2 from the Lithovit® in the inter-cellular compartment:

2) Release of CO2 from the Lithovit® particles remaining on the leaves surface:

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At night the leaves are covered with dew water. At the same time the plants burn in darkness carbon hydrates to cover their energy need and produces CO2 + H2O. This carbon dioxide (in addition to that in the atmosphere) + H2O (from the dew additionally to that produced) convert the carbonate in Lithovit® into hydrogen carbonate according to the thermodynamic equilibrium reaction: (Ca, Mg) CO3 + H2O + CO2 ↔ (Ca, Mg) (HCO3) 2. The much more soluble (Ca, Mg) hydrogen carbonate particles penetrate partially through the stomata and set CO2 free according to mechanism 1). During the day the temperature rises gradually and the equilibrium reaction is shifted to the left hand side (due to the evaporation of water) developing CO2 from the hydrogen carbonate and forming (Ca, Mg) CO3 back. In that way. Lithovit® is acting as quasi catalytic depot continuously supplying CO2 at the right concentration at the leaves surface.

Benefits of Lithovit® :

  • < Increases yield
  • > Intensifies growth and green coloration.
  • Enhances plant resistance against drought, frost, insects, pests and fungal infection. Enhances plant supply with essential micro-nutrients.
  • On mixing with amino acids as nitrogen source, Ca and Mg are bound to chelate complexes leading to their better transport and metabolization < / li>
  • Especially the metabolization of Mg in forming Chlorophyll is increased and so is the degree of photosynthesis.
    - Recommended by European Community for organic farming accordin g to EWG 2092/91.

Once the temperature rises, plants increase transpiration. This fact generates a high concentration of solved products and an increase of the osmotic pressure in the inter-cellular compartment. Water will release from closing cells of stomata, and for this reason, the stomata pore will be close stopping the gaseous exchange.

Due to shortage of water and stop of CO2 supply the photosynthesis breaks down, plant become wilt and stunted. This is counteracted by Lithovit® as follows: Lithovit® increases the concentration of solved products and the osmotic pressure in the inter-cellular compartment especially after its transformation into Ca ions and CO2, so that the stomata closes faster The closing of the stomata is accelerated by the action of Ca2 + ions that enhances the formation of the hormone ABA (Abscisic Acid) which transports the signal to the closing cell of the stomata.

On closing the stomata the plant hold back the necessary water for the photosynthesis. Despite closed stomata, CO2 is still supplied to the plant by Lithovit® inside, so Photosynthesis still going on.

Effect of Lithovit® on Plants Resistance to Frost

  • Water in plant cells contains the different metabolism products such as carbohydrates , organic acids and different nitrogen compounds.
  • Due to increasing photosynthesis by Lithovit®, the concentration of the metabolic products is enhanced.
  • The
  • Both factors act as "anti freezing agent".

Effect of Lithovit® on nitrogen fixation in plant

The nitrogen fixation occurs primarily as nitrate reduction by means of the electrons produced in the water splitting reaction as a first step of the photosynthesis. In so far as the nitrogen fixation could be regarded as dependent on the photosynthesis.

We will be glad to share with you some experiences and trials with this amazing range of products. General Sales Manager

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