Grab - definition of grab dictionary

Grab - definition of grab dictionary

Grab - definition of grab dictionary

Here are many problems that everyone talks about; but what happens here is that very few people decide to take the bull by the horns. (applause)

They have spent tons and tons and tons of paper talking about having to solve the problem of unemployment, but nobody says how (applause); that we must industrialize the country, but no one says how. And because? Because you do not want to catch the bull by the horns. We have just come from the Sierra Maestra.

The prosecutor brought him a Gazette, to which the newspaper was subscribed in union with other companions of the curia, advising him that from that day he always read it, taking care of him to provide it, for it suited him to be aware of the decrees of the Government in case he was with anyone to be seized for his suit; not because he doubted the intelligence and zeal of his lawyer, but because he had cited, more than once, repealed provisions half a century ago, and passed in silence other more recent ones that favored the cause of the mayorazgo.

The bishops of Cuzco and Guamanga wanted to seize the moon with their hands, and excited the parishioners to disobey every command of the heretic who interfered with the people of the church.

Then he thought to take a blight that the fire would not have consumed completely; took him to the end intact, while the other was burning, and took him to the place that served as shelter, a deep cave, chosen for room times ago.

And, good or bad, Antoine ended taking the wolf, caught in the tail, to his house. - Mama, you told me that I was too stupid to grab the wolf by the tail!

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It produces striking yellow flowers in the form of a trumpet that open between yellow bracts arranged in the shape of a fan. If you can keep the plant at constant temperatures between 21 and 27 ° C, it will be kept with flower throughout the year.

I will not live under the same roof of the man who despised my love, and I will not leave this convent but after death. The San Javier wanted to grab the stars with his left hand, and begged and threatened.

His movements were more vivid than his age promised, theatrical action, and the voice gangosa, shrill and unpleasant. "This is it," said Mercury to his brother, "whom I have caught among that mob." Others may go to bed and dream of piles of money; they are enough to grab a shovel in the morning and take out doubloons, as if they were potatoes, but you will dream of your difficulties and you will get up poor.

Antonio father of the famous and manly woman Agueda, Urrutia, on which the old people still speak tongues when they refer their geniuses, among which the lesser was

Neither souls nor bodies could be taken into consideration by the people of their time in their crazy struggle for survival, and to seize the sustenance of others, while the complicated system of slavery under which women were kept perverted the mind and body alike, it was even astonishing that any health remained in them. "We entered the amphitheater, one end of the sand about two or three hundred young men and women, talking and resting.