The carriage "Hope always blossoms & rsquo; Honda will head the Rose Parade®

In the chariot, 20 high school students from the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima, an area devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the tsunami that followed, will be parading in the chariot as part of the Honda Cultural Exchange Program TOMODACHI. TOMODACHI, which in Japanese means "friend", was established by the governments of the United States and Japan following the disaster of 2011 to create new bonds of friendship between young Japanese and Americans through educational and cultural exchange activities.

"We were inspired by the theme of the 'Echoes of Success' parade of 2017 and thought it was appropriate to invite TOMODACHI students to parade in Honda's carriage," said Steve Morikawa, vice president of Corporate Relations and Social Responsibility of American Honda. "Students symbolize the renovation of damaged areas in Japan and exemplify the power of dreams to overcome the tragedy." The students gave their contribution to the numerous flower designs seen on the chariot, each displaying the natural beauty of Fukushima, including:
  • A replica of "Miharu Takizakura", one of the most famous cherry trees in Japan, located in Fukushima.
  • Two "Kikuningyo", or chrysanthemum dolls, representing the life-size figures of feudal Japan that are created each fall for the annual Nihonmatsu Chrysanthemum Festival.
A floral display of "Hanami-yama", a mountain full of flowers that the farmers of Fukushima have created over several years.

The vibrant carriage is 75 feet long and 24 feet high, enhanced by color and movement. In keeping with Honda's commitment to the environment, it will be powered by a hybrid engine with a low emissions level and special configuration. In addition to the carriage, the Clarity Fuel Cell will be the official safety parade vehicle, while the Ridgeline will be the official sound vehicle. The car with the flag of the parade theme will also be powered by Honda.

Honda and the Tournament of Roses 2017 marks the 56th year Honda has collaborated with the Tournament of the Rosas and his seventh year as sponsor presenter. Honda first collaborated with the Tournament of Roses in 1961, and supplied two-wheeled vehicles for the 1962 parade operations. Honda has had a carriage participating in the Rose Parade since 1977, and has supplied the official Tournament of Roses since 1994. Honda continues to supply two-wheeled vehicles and also provides side-by-side (multi-utility) vehicles for parade operations.

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As the sponsor presenter, Honda's carriage is the first in the Parade of the Roses and it exhibits the subject. Consequently, it will not be considered a commercial participation and will not compete in the selection process. Before becoming a sponsor presenter in 2011, Honda's chariots won awards in 15 of the previous 16 years.

About American Honda American Honda was founded in Los Angeles, California , in 1959. Today, Honda companies in North America represent a cumulative interest of more than $ 22 billion and employ more than 40,000 associates in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, financing and maintenance of Honda and Acura, Honda motor sports products and Honda electric equipment products.

About the Pasadena Roses Tournament The Roses Tournament is a volunteer organization that annually presents the America's New Year Celebration with the Parade of the Roses presented by Honda, the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual and a variety of accompanying events. 935 volunteer members of the association will direct the success of the 128th Rose Parade with the theme "Echoes of Success" on Monday, January 2, 2017, followed by the 103rd Rose Bowl Game. For more information, visit Indicate that you like Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and visit our blog at