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Cono femenino inmaduro

Cono femenino inmaduro

The State of Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation "Keeping the State Working and Safe" Department Services for the Public

Opportunity Equal is the Law

The Labor Force Development Division and Adult Education Office

work, education and training programs for adults and youth, learning, and other steps to employment. The division also accumulates and publishes information on the labor market.

The Office of Adult Education and Services in Reading provides leadership and support to ensure that all Maryland adults have access to adult education and instruction in basic skills that enable them to be effective workers, family members, partners in their children's education, and citizens. The Office provides resources to support adult education services and General Developmental Education testing for those over 16 years of age who are not enrolled in school. Programs are offered in all Maryland jurisdictions and offer English classes for students and adults who are interested in improving basic reading, writing, and math skills or want to earn a high school diploma through GED or the Foreign National Diploma Program (NEDP). Those completing both the GED and NEDP programs earn the High School Diploma in Maryland.

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The Unemployment Insurance Division


For a telephone number for information on unemployment benefits, click here .

The Financial Regulation Division It regulates the operation of banks, credit unions, loan-to-consumer companies, sales finance companies, mortgage companies, and collection agencies. It handles public complaints and inquiries regarding current accounts, credit cards, installment contracts, auto recoveries, foreclosures, credit bureaus, credit reports, and with regard to discrimination to get the credit. Beware of Submission of Unlicensed Money Research Request in WORD format

Work and Industry

Protects the health, safety and employment rights of all workers across Maryland. The Safety and Health program protects workers in Maryland with inspections and instruction. Supervises programs for fun rides, railways, elevators, boilers and pressure vessels.

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Transfer the Salary Claim Form (Word or PDF)

Maryland's Take Five for Safety: Your Hispanic Workforce

The Occupations and Professions License Division

The Horse Racing Commission

Supervises and regulates all horse racing in Maryland, including off-course betting sites. The Commission licenses all participants in the industry, facility and riders to dealers. To maintain the integrity of the sport, the Commission operates its own laboratory to test for drugs on horses.