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The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has allocated a total of 31.1 million euros to the Rural Development Groups (GDR) in Cordoba province for projects that boost the economic development of 75 municipalities in order to create new businesses and improve the quality of life of the population of these areas, which total more than 503,000 inhabitants, said the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development Rodrigo Sánchez Haro. This investment investment will allow the creation and maintenance of more than 1,500 jobs thanks to the different projects that will be implemented or consolidated.

Sánchez Haro has held a meeting in Posadas with the GDR leaders of the province, among them Los Pedroches, Juan Díaz, a meeting in which he was accompanied by the director general of Sustainable Development of the Rural Environment, Manuel García Benítez, the delegate of the Government, Rafi Crespin and the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Francisco Zurera. At the meeting, he stressed that these measures contribute to the socio-economic development of the seven regions benefited, as well as improving infrastructure, services and equipment and strengthening the protection of rural heritage, both cultural and natural.

explained that the Leader 2014-2020 plan sets out as a priority objective the promotion of the "gender perspective, the promotion of the active role of women and youth and the promotion of innovation". Among the lines of aid are integrated, among others, projects to improve the competitiveness of agri-food companies, fight against climate change and the installation of new infrastructures for leisure and tourism.

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The innocent die, the father, the child, the mother, the tombs abound, the executions overflow, the cities distilled into pieces. Neither Universities nor schools protect from the rain of bullets, any family is besieged by the mosquerío of decomposed bodies.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, who is visiting all the provinces of Andalusia to learn firsthand about the projects designed in each area benefiting from the Leader 2014-2020 Plan, has indicated that aid totaling 239.5 million euros for Andalusia and that this type of initiatives are "an absolute priority" for the Andalusian Government. In total, the investment promoted by the Ministry will allow the creation and consolidation of almost 12,000 jobs spread throughout the autonomous community.

Andalusia has a total of 52 Leader Rural Areas, covering 90% of the Andalusian territory and in which 40% of the Andalusian population lives. In the current framework, it is planned to call for more than 500 aid lines, which will allow the development of more than 4,600 projects. More than 15,000 people (8,000 men and 7,000 women) participated in the processes of elaboration of the Rural Development Strategies, which have had the opportunity to express their expectations and opinions on what should be promoted and promoted in their respective territories through the GDR. For this reason, Sánchez Haro highlights the participatory nature of these initiatives, which "is due to the active role of the different social and economic agents of regional society."