Decorate walls with stencil: Ideas and templates for stencil -

Decorate walls with stencil: Ideas and templates for stencil -

Decorate walls with stencil: Ideas and templates for stencil -

Today we will do bricolage and we will decorate walls with birds, butterflies and other designs, very simply using templates.

The stencil is a craft technique by which we can paint drawings on the walls achieving a mural finish. What we need are templates, the ones that are printed or copied (with the trick on the screen) and then cut into acetate, X-ray plates or recycled plastic cardboard.

Once we have cut the forms, the rest is sewing and singing ♬. ♬'¯` ♬ ¸¸. ♩ .

The stencil is a creative way of decorating walls. Look at what nice ideas!

Stencil is one of the most beautiful and easy ways to decorate walls. What we need is a drawing, a cutter and an acetate, which can be an x-ray film.

We can also use many recycled materials to use as a basis for cutting shapes. > In the next image we see how several bird figures are printed on a wall using the stencil technique.

Stoneware designs to paint the wall

To apply the stencil technique place the plastic on the wall, secure with tape and paint the section sealed using a roller, a sponge or a round brush.

Care must be taken that the paint does not pass to the other side so that the wall does not stain. Ideally, work with little paint on the roller, sponge or brush and apply it carefully. Before removing the acetate, let it dry.

My pictures of birds
It is the most acrobatic species of all, sometimes giving us a nice show of jumps and pirouettes out of the water. And finally the Common Bottlenose Dolphin "Tursiops truncatus", another species resident and easy to observe.

The template can be repeated again and again to create a pattern. You can also use different templates to make a design with several colors, for example birds and branches.

Bird designs to decorate the walls

Beautiful, right? It seems that the little birds enter through the window and flutter around the house ...

Do you want to decorate the walls with your own hands?

Some designs of birds and trees are perfect for decorating the walls of a children's bedroom.

Stained with butterfly design

Butterflies is another perfect stencil theme to decorate the walls. It is beautiful and gives life, joy and warmth to space.

Stencil templates to decorate walls

Here are some templates that we can use to make stenciling of birds or butterflies. >

To do this we expand them as we need them and print them out. As I said before, it is possible to slip them directly from the monitor, supporting a tracing sheet and marking the edges of the drawing with a soft tip marker, which does not damage the screen.

This is a simple trick that helps to copy templates and molds in a simple way.

The birds with stencils are very beautiful once stamped on the wall. I have seen a wall painted in deep blue with white birds and the whole looks beautiful.

Another option is to paint birds and branches with one or more stencils.

I hope use these . If you have advice or want to leave a greeting maybe, please write below, I will be happy to answer.

Thank you for giving me a spin for my handmade diary ♥ ஐ