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Interaction of birds when feeding PROJECT: Information on the life of a bird: • OBJECTIVE: To analyze the interaction of birds in feeding. • HYPOTHESIS 1: The birds do not feed cooperatively. • PREDICTION 1: You will feed without relating. SITE 1 SITE 2 SITE 3 METHODOLOGY: SITE 1. Backyard of the School of the Coast (Calle Italia). RESULTS WEEK 1 and 2: SITE 2.Albarracín 366. Measure of: 6x8m. Food: 200g RESULTS WEEK 1 and 2: SITE 3. Rawson Avenue 637. Measurement: 12x8m. Food: 400g. RESULTS WEEK 1 and 2: SITE 1 SITE 2 RESULT SITE 3 POSITIVE PRESENCE: NEGATIVE PRESENCE: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: BIBLIOGRAPHY: Julio Roberto Dadón. 2010. Researching in Natural Sciences. Class Size. 168 pages. birds-in-australia-are-leaving-seed-and-feed-of-meat-loris

CulturAgriCulturE: 87- A fruit, what is it?
For the farmer, in the case of most fruits and vegetables, what matters most is the wrapper, not the seed, is often not consumed. This difference in purpose represents a challenge and one of the fundamental difficulties of agricultural production.

THANK YOU! Ninette Daurade Stephanie Bustelo Ariana Manchot Martin del Brio School of the Coast "some birds replace the food that is scarce by others that are in greater abundance". Measure of: 25x10m.Food: 1 kg of bread.