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Design includes Kalanchoe and African Violets.
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Design includes Kalanchoe and African Violets. Low maintenance individually potted plants. Sturdy basket. Size

It's no coincidence that four of the best quarterbacks in the NFL are still alive in the NFL playoffs.

But there are some truths that should be mentioned. - Tom Brady's statistics at the AFC conference finals are hardly likely to scare a rival defender, as is his long-play efficiency in the playoffs.

- Ben Roethlisberger is lazy when he is besieged Aaron Rodgers is not the master of the comebacks in the fourth quarter, regardless of his recent recent miraculous long distance passes that he completed and a play he improvised in the closing seconds.

Matt Ryan is often intercepted when his team is at a disadvantage in the final stages.

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There is much talk about the achievements, virtues and legacies of the four quarterbacks starring the Sunday. Brady (New England), Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh), Rodgers (Green Bay) and Ryan (Atlanta) are in a separate category in the most important position in the NFL.

extraordinary, "said Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana's legendary defender and teammate in the 1982-90 Super Bowl champion teams with the San Francisco 49ers. "He has a great ability to detect situations:" 0k, I see an opportunity. I analyze it. And now I will execute '. They have shown their talent with the ball and with the feet. They do everything a little ... For me, that's where this deportee has evolved. We have quarterbacks that can be an amalgam of Joe Montana, Steve Young and Brett Favre. "

They share attributes such as knowing how to anticipate defenses, powerful arms, leadership and more.

This season, Ryan led the NFL in the pin index with 117.1, the fifth best ever, followed by Brady (2) and Rodgers (4) and Roethlisberger (11). Rodgers led in touchdown passes with 40, two more than Ryan. Brady set a record on the touchdown and interception rate, with 28 touchdowns and two passes intercepting him.

But they are not perfect. They make mistakes and it is possible that one - perhaps two - will end up piling it this weekend.

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