4 Workouts to Boost Your Testosterone Level -

If you are experiencing low levels of testosterone there are simple ways to increase your libido. Exercise is the number one to stimulate for low testosterone levels. Below are 4 workouts that work the best at raising your sex drive.

1. General breathing and stretching exercises

Get on the floor and relax your body. Stretch in anyway you feel drawn too, your body is letting you know where you need pressure released. Keep your breathing controlled and mindful. Practice deep breathing. The best stretch to release tension in the lower abdomen is downward facing dog. Sit back on your heals, with your chest pointing towards the floor, arms stretched above and resting on the floor above your head. Breath deep and relax. Once your body relaxes and opens up, your lower abdomen region will release built up tension. Tension that could be holding you back in more ways than one.

2. Pelvic floor exercises

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Strengthening your pelvic muscles can be a great way to gain control of your bedroom performance. Once you improve your muscle strength in the lower abdomen region, you will see better results while engaging those muscles. Exercise in general boosts low level of testosterone, but to strengthen the muscles that do the most work during intimacy will give you better results. Kegel exercises involve the contraction and relaxation of pelvic muscles. Use the kegel machine at the gym that provides resistance when you move your inner and outer thigh muscles.

3. Cardio in the sun

4. Weight lifting

When a male brain feels intense exercise, such as weight resistance, it releases and produces more testosterone to compensate the physical activity. It's a primal reaction that still helps us out today. A strong upper body can also increase stamina. Increasing your sex drive and raising your testosterone levels is not as complicated and difficult as you might think.

After about a week of practicing good exercises and being mindful of your body, everything should come together.