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Colibri De Oro Dominican Republic Postcard

Hummingbird / Hummingbird: The spirit of the hummingbird is said to be the representation of Love and personified joy. The spirit of the hummingbird will be the messenger of very special news, sudden and unexpected news, not in vain is the only bird able to stop in dry, while flying at high speed, being able to go up or down, forward or back at will in just an instant . The hummingbird feeds on the nectar of the flowers, which translates into being able to overcome the bitter upper layers, to find the sweet nectar, the best hidden treasure of the flower. From the beginning of shamanism, the hummingbird feathers were used to attract love, as well as joy, which made it an animal of power highly prized for its magical qualities about love. The spirit of the animal of power of the Hummingbird, will help us to see what good in others, to always look forward with enthusiasm and joy. Who has the hummingbird as an animal of power, surely that works with flowers or would like to do it, sharing joy and beauty is what you like.

Spring in Havana | RUTACUBA
Spring is the name that the Cuban artist Rafael Miranda San Juan has chosen for a monumental sculpture that he recently presented to his city.