MARIETTE'S BACK TO BASICS: {Birds in our Garden and Update}

Illustration by Shigeru Komatsuzaki

Illustration by Shigeru Komatsuzaki

After a real busy day I have only a short post today. Wanted to show you two of my favorite birds that we have in our wood-garden. The Blue Bird and Cardinal. They look so exotic for us; coming from the Old World ... Oh, and do not forget to visit Johanna from Silber + Rosen for her fabulous international giveaway. To the right on my blog at the top you can enter right away by using this hyperlink. June 20 the winner will be selected!

Another fabulous giveaway from Rebecca at A Gathering Place till June 25th. Her button sits at the very top of my blog to the right; or use this hyperlink also.

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The day before yesterday, after I'd finished my post about: {YES; I was at an Yves Saint Laurent Prêt-À-Porter Show in Jakarta} , Indonesia I did figure out that I have one more accessory from YSL. A beautiful wool scarf with fringed edging. You can see the two photos of it on my blog. Use the above hyperlink to get there. Sorry for being forgetful ... but it is worthwhile seeing and I did not want to withhold those photos.

Now back to the birds. These are photos from a PPS, I received and I made a screenshot of the two I loved most. Impossible to provide you with a photo of our garden. Birds do not sit still. Blossoms already 'dance' in the wind and it's tricky enough to catch them, let alone a very shy Blue Bird learn more about them here at North American Blue Bird Society by clicking on hyperlink.

Blue Birds are insect eaters and we have them every year in our nesting boxes. But it is almost impossible to see them; they're tricky and adept at hiding their nests ... Only if we sit in the gazebo for lunch or tea, we can see them forage on the lawn and fly to their nest. But knowing that they co-exist on our property is good enough!