6 ideas to decorate your house with cactus that you will love - IMujer

6 ideas to decorate your house with cactus that you will love - IMujer

6 ideas to decorate your house with cactus that you will love - IMujer

If there is something that is fashionable when it comes to decoration, it's definitely the cactus . Gone are the old superstitions that cacti give bad luck or that the owner of one of these species remains unmarried forever. Nowadays, these fun and thorny plants mark a trend in the deco world , and they brighten every little corner of the house!

The main advantage they have is that their care is very simple as they require very little watering. In summer it is enough to water them once or twice a week, and in winter with once every ten days is enough. Of course, do not forget that they are living beings, and that they do or do need to have at least one window a few meters away to receive natural sunlight daily.

Another point in favor of the cactus is that they are very versatile: while inside a pot of clay acquire a rustic and informal look ideal to set a living room or a balcony, if instead you opt for a square pot of cement become an item perfect for a more formal context such as an office.

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I recommend it and we'll be back more often! I'll just make a note for those who feel very hot: take fans. The common areas of the house (living room, balcony / balcony, kitchen) is airy, has a wonderful breeze.

Today we propose 7 original ideas for how to decorate with cactus to inspire and create their own green spaces:

1. In recycled cans

These cans have the advantage that being prepared to contain canned foods for a long time, they are specially made so that they do not oxidize in contact with the water. 2. In jars

Original and economical. Just make a small hole in the lid, and that's it!

3. Rustic look: Mud pots on a vegetable box

Less is more. These two clay pots on a vintage vegetable drawer combine with wonder.

4. Cactus mix: Pots of different colors and sizes

In romantic style, these flirty cups with mini cactus fell in love as soon as we saw them!

6. The green corner of the house

If you want to give warmth to some environment of the house, try grouping in a corner several medium and large cactus.

To us they loved these inspiring ideas. And to you, which one did you like the most?