Imagen titulada Get Pink Cheeks Step 3

Imagen titulada Get Pink Cheeks Step 3

What is a tagine? Tagine is a bowl, a bowl of mud, they use a lot for cooking in Egypt, Morocco, Allergy, generally in Arabic cuisine. They put it in ovens that are underground or in houses. The tagines have a figure similar to the cones, rather a plate covered with a cone, in this way ensure that in the ovens or chimneys the things tucked inside the tagine are cooked slowly, practically until the meat is so tender that it turns off of the bones. In general, as in Arabian cuisine they use many species, the food in the tagine during its slow cooking picks up all the flavors of any species with what is accompanied, thus not only a meat tender but at the same time very tasty.

Nowadays we do not even have natural ovens, nor do we often have no tagines at home. In markets sometimes you can buy, and who is lucky to have a tagine, I think you will experience the possibilities of taking advantage of such a versatile and useful container. But if we do not have traditional tagine at home, we do not have to give up the delights of Arabic cuisine and the flavors of its dishes.

Although we do not have tagine, many times when someone says "I prepare a tagine "Refers to the food prepared in the tagine. This can be any type of meat (come on, although Arabic cuisine never uses pork, we can even prepare pork too) with or without vegetables, we can even prepare vegetarian tagine. In Arabian cuisine the most frequent are tagines of lamb or fish.

We will need:

500 gr of turkey or chicken meat - I prefer either breast or if there is not any part of these birds worth, that is cut into dice of a bite). If there is no turkey, it can be replaced with veal, but keep in mind that cooking will take longer. (If we do it with fish, it practically cooks in 15 minutes.)

A handful of dehydrated plums, that before the preparation we watered in water for an hour

A pinch of A pinch of ground cinnamon

A pinch of asafrán

Salt, pepper to taste

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4 large tomatoes in chunks or a small can of chopped tomato

A garlic clove

A large onion

A splash of honey

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Two grains of dried fruit (peanuts, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts or what we have at hand)

Let's start with the meat. So we do not even have it chopped in dice, then let's start with that. Then picaos the onion.

We put the pan in the fire, we introduce the oil and the butter. The oil is important so that the butter does not burn.

Once it is very warm, we introduce the meat and we mix it until it takes a golden color on all sides. Once we have the meat well golden, we introduce the onion and the garlic. We lowered the fire a little so as not to burn the onion, we need it rather caramelized and not fried.

Now come the species: cinnamon, coriander, saffron, ginger, salt and a generous serving of pepper.

Now come the plums, we put together your water and then with the splash of honey.

In the last 15 minutes of cooking start with the couscous. Put the couscous in a bowl and cover with double amount of boiling water. Put a pinch of salt and cover the bowl with transparent kitchen paper. Make sure the steam does not come out.

Leave the couscous for 10-15 minutes until it absorbs water and softens.

Once ready, mix well with the nuts , to give a crisp touch. And an extra flavor to the plate.

When the meat is tender, our tagine is ready, we can serve with a serving of mixed couscous of nuts and we can decorate with a parsley leaves

The result is a mixture of unexpected flavors, a sweet base with a hint of spice, the tender meat and the crispness of the nuts. A rare treat, worse is worth a try, because it is easy and quick to prepare and our guests are sure to hallucinate!