The corner of your comrade Pepe

Pelirroja Maravilla

Pelirroja Maravilla

I return to the office, in the lane of climb, I touch red, I see the front in the lane of descent in the corner a man, looks like an indigent, talks to the driver, the driver closes the window and puts on a face of terror, advances quickly, even though the traffic light is red, almost causing an accident.

The drivers behind him start to close their windows and secure their doors and start to run regardless of anything while the gentleman tries to approach them and talk, I am perplexed by the situation but I react thanks to the horn of the micrero that is behind me, this can not stay that way, I have to see what the man is doing to frighten people. >

I decide to walk around the congested streets, no matter how late I get to work, I lose about 15 minutes, but I'm already in the downhill lane, hoping that the lord would not have run away or that he had been run over in the meantime, heart starts to flash Is it right what I'm doing? Will not I be exposing myself to a dangerous situation unnecessarily? What can that old man be doing? Is it offering drugs? Or maybe worse !!! He's offering organs !!! No ... he's selling his children !!! Well no, I do not see children, although I see a bag ... maybe they're in that bag !! Damn it, damn it !!!!!!!

Pelirroja Maravilla
Pelirroja Maravilla @PrincesaSamaria

- Sir, you do not look very well. Do you need help with something? I'm here trying to help people, but they all seem crazy and they run away from me .

I look completely surprised, and tell him to park in the next block, follow me, the traffic light changes to green, I go forward a little and I park in the first place I find, I go down and I see how the Lord is approaching.

His name is Alejandro, I calculate between 57 and 63 years, is a person of scarce resources, he has only to live, his wife passed away a couple of years ago, his children left and lost contact with them, it's not like I do not look for them, but they disappeared from the map, he tells me that he can not sympathize with his situation and today woke up with the intentions of doing something good with his life, helping other people, that bag I saw, where I foolishly thought he brought people's remains (pepe imbécil), was the few things he owned and was giving away to see if he could help other people, he had, among other things, a couple of things wood, a couple of books, a few cutlery, I think a couple of stuffed animals and things like that, but of course, seeing a dirty person, badly dressed everyone fled, I feel bad for thinking so much nonsense, my future wife always tells me "because you insist on thinking the worst of people, is not it better and easier to think the best?" I feel ridiculous, apparently it seems that I'm still pale since Alejandro tells me if anything can help me, I tell him if he does not happen to have a cigar out there, he pulls one out of his worn-out jacket pocket, I do not see what it is, I grab it, I light it, damn it! This super strong and spicy! I can not imagine how much time was saved ...

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