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Fordham College at Lincoln Center Mc Kean Hall

Fordham College at Lincoln Center Mc Kean Hall

I was willing to write this review without even playing the game and putting green directly to Ubisoft, Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto for allowing this to happen, but I'm too stupid and professional to do something like that, total, that I bought it and well ... It turns out that it is not a fucking shit.

The perfect song for the perfect review.

Mom Shigeru Miyamoto told Papa Davide Soliani that he wanted his son was a dysfunctional fucking abomination, and thus emerged this game belonging to the genre TBTSGT (Turn-Based Tactical Strategy Type Game), which is something like a Team Fortress 2 in turn or a Pokémon Mysterious World but with Pokémon kicked with Speed. The first thing I thought was that the Rabbids would ruin the world of Mario, and so it has been, literally, those mad rabbits are a plague and the goal of the game is to drive them out of the Mushroom Kingdom; have contextualized an inevitable error; well played, Ubisoft, well played.

The game requires more mental agility than fingers, because we have all the time we want, but once a character moved and finished our turn, we can not go back, is a game more intense than it seems, and making decisions without having clear the position of all elements and tokens on the board can be directly suicide at the most advanced levels.

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle picks up the colorful aesthetics of the plumber's world and the idiot humor of the rabbits cojoneros, added to their surprisingly good mechanics, results in a game essential for anyone who has a Nintendo Switch, I would say that even deserves a sequel in the let Rayman out. (I do not know if I've made it clear, this ... HOWEVER, WE WANT RAYMAN TO RETURN)

In the game, we can control a total of 8 different characters, four of them are Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach and the beloved dinosaur by all: Yoshi. The other four characters are Rabbid counterparts of the previous ones, which has annoyed some people, why fill the squad with "junk characters" can put others from the universe of Mario like Toad, Daisy, Estela or Wario? Surprisingly, this makes the game much more intuitive, each character has a unique combination of skills, but the combination of a character and his Rabbid counterpart are similar, and learning four roles is much more simple to learn eight. In addition, it is difficult not to take affection to these cartoons so exaggerated, the Rabbid Mario with pint of mister garrulo and the Rabbid Peach in version pija redomada kill me. However, my favorite character, no doubt, is Beep-O, the vacuuming robot that accompanies Mario and his friends throughout this adventure and whose sarcasm and hate accumulated towards the Rabbids are priceless.

whole game has only 4 different worlds, which may seem like a little bit, however, each of them is big enough and intricate enough to hold so many hidden puzzles and secrets that at times you'll think you're playing an open world sandbox. In addition, Beep-O learns "contextual skills", which are the typical RPG skills that serve to open paths and allow the story to progress linearly, like the Pokémon MO's, only in Mario + Rabbids KB, Beep- Or he learns his last skill by finishing the game, leaving a lot of hidden levels and secret items for the post game, and that the main story can last perfectly more than 20 hours, in addition to that as the game progresses the difficulty go up a lot, and improve your resources and strategies is imperative to move forward.

In short, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a fairly complete game, full of beautiful landscapes, intricate levels, rabbit pipes, temporary paradoxes and totally original orchestrated musical themes.

My congratulations the team of Ubisoft Milan and Davide Soliani.