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Black duck (in Peru) (Netta erythrophthalma) , also called brown duck (in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay), black duck (in Colombia and Venezuela, paturi-preta ​​b> red , is a species of anseriform bird of the family Anatidae, that lives in South America and the center and south of Africa.


Reaches a length body of 48 to 51 cm In flight you can see that the wings unfold relatively far in the body.

The male has a black head and a purple neck. The chest is shiny black, while the rest of the body is dark brown, almost uniform or mahogany.The plumage of the back is brown or olive.The back tail on the belly and the mantle are reddish. color blackish brown and the surface of the upper wing is of a black mirror.The peak is blue color g Ripe with a black nail. The legs are grayish-blue to black.

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The female plumage is predominantly reddish brown and on the dark brown back, while the flanks are more reddish. The face is white at the base of the beak and in a crescent between the neck and the eyes. From the end of the peak of the ridge a broad strip of brown color is drawn. The iris is brown. Its beak is slate gray.

Young birds resemble the adult female, but the white markings on the face are less noticeable. The chicks are olive-brown in the back of the neck and back. The forehead, throat and face are pale yellow, olive-brown ears.