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The 7-Color Mountain or the Rainbow Mountain was ranked by National Geographic as one of the 100 places you must visit before you die. After 3 or 4 hours of ascending trekking (depending on each person) along the route to the Apu Ausangate, you finally reach the top of the mountain (approx 5000 m altitude). Up there, the view of the landscape is stunning. Vinicunca | Cuzco.

Víctor Gamarra-Toledo (@tsimeri) | Instagram photos and videos

Socabaya | Arequipa.

Abandoned by its owners in Cusco. He was locked up in the house for a few weeks. Thanks to some neighbors he was released and then brought to the hostel in Arequipa. Peluchín is the most cheerful and affectionate of all that I saw. Hostel of abandoned dogs of Arequipa. Socabaya | Arequipa | Peru About 220 abandoned dogs have been rescued and are now taken care of by the Association "Help Us Help" in charge of the Abandoned Dogs Hostel in Arequipa. This hostel celebrated 8 years ago a few days ago, fulfilling its enormous task of giving them a better quality of life. Volunteers are received every weekend. Socabaya, Arequipa | Peru. Hummingbird Oasis (Rhodopis vesper) - female.

Arequipa | Peru.

Cocoi Heron (Ardea cocoi). National Sanctuary The Manglares of Tumbes | Tumbes, Peru.

Bare-throated Tiger-Heron (Tigrisoma mexicanum)

National Sanctuary The Mangroves of Tumbes. Peru.

Peru. Salinas of Maras.

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Poas also has a crater - this a boiling acid lake - equally breathtaking and beautiful in a completely different way. Some are national parks (such as Manuel Antonio and Cocos Island); some are beautiful, but they are all beautiful.