22 ideas of creative lamps you can make yourself

Casa Ferretera 7

Casa Ferretera 7

A good light in a house can bring great benefits to it, but finding the right one can take a long process, even more so if our tastes are something special. If this is your case we want to ask you a question why not jump into the pool and design our own lamps? Do not think that it is a very laborious process and best of all is that we can use almost any object that we have for our house. It just takes a bit of imagination and a lot of desire to work. In case you have been encouraged to create your own designs, we bring you 22 ideas of creative lamps that you can make with your own hands. Let's begin with this review.

1.- Card-shaped bow Font

As if a gift were, we can create a nice bow with cardboard in the shape of an arc and in the middle place a bulb.

2.- Hole cans Source

Quick and easy way to create a lamp for our bedside table.

3.- Inside a book Source

It is an original design to light this bookstore where we have all our books.

4.- A plastic bottle and thread By recycling plastic bottles that we can have around our house, we can create these fun ceiling lamps. The best thing is that we can do it with the help of the little ones. 5.- A drainer Source

The containers where we drain our food to remove the water can be us great help to create a lamp for our kitchen.

6.- Branches of trees Source

In this case the dried branches of the trees can be interlaced to create truly amazing designs like Copper, iron or PVC, any material is good for creating an original lamp to light our house.

Casa Ferretera 7
Casa Ferretera 7 @Casaferretera7


8.- Twitter Lamp Source

In addition to having fun, LEGO can be used to create many things such as these lamps.

10.- Bottles of liquor Source

Used bottles of liquor can be used as a foot to create original lamps to place on a table.

11.- Bird cage Source

If we have an old cage that we no longer use, we can install a bulb to create something surprising.

12.- Crystal jars Font

Simple and cheap, but be careful not to touch them because they will burn. h3> Source

A great idea to decorate stores dedicated to fashion design.

14.- Terran Globes Source 15.- Parts of a bicycle Source

An old bicycle can offer us many pieces with which to create original forms of lamps.

16.- Balloons for a party Source

An LED inside a balloon will provide a great luminosity to any children's party.

17.- Slides and negatives 3> Source

If we do not know what to do with all our negatives and slides we have at home, look at an original way to give it a second use.

18.- Wooden chopsticks

Wooden toothpicks can give a lot of play to create nice designs of lamps for our home.

19.- Vinyl records Source

Vinyl records they went on to a better life, but we still have at home some of those discs that can be used to give shape to designing original lamps.

20.- Coffee cups Source

In this in case you have to be very careful when making the hole in the ass of these cups to prevent them from cracking.

21.- Graters Source

Another great idea to create a original lamp for our kitchen.

22.- Printer ink cartridges

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