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Yellow Lance Leaf Coreopsis Seeds Coreopsis lanceolata

Yellow Lance Leaf Coreopsis Seeds Coreopsis lanceolata

March in the Northwest brings a mixed bag of rain, sunshine and sometimes even frost. As you yearn to get outdoors in your garden, you may find yourself dreaming over seedpackets; see the hardiness ratings on the packets? These ratings: hardy, half-hardy or tender refer to the classifications used to describe a plant's ability to withstand degrees of frost or cold.

, but with temperatures of over 35 ° F.

Half-hardy plants prefer nighttime temperatures around 40 ° -50 ° F, but will tolerate dips down to freezing for a short period of time without showing signs of damage.

Tender plants will not tolerate temperatures below 50 ° F. without being damage or even killed.

Hardy vegetables and herbs along with half-hardy annuals can be sown outdoors in March.

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VEGETABLES & HERBS (Sow directly in soil outdoors) in Arugula
Artichoke: Jerusalem
Cilantro: Slo-bolt type in Cress and Fava Bean in Fennel
Flax, edible by Garbanzo Beans by Garlic (cloves)
Onions & Onion Sets (for green onions) by Parsley
Potato by Radishes by Shallots (bulbs) by Shelling Peas by Soup Peas by Snow Peas by Spinach by Sweet Cecily
Swiss Chard

Alyssum Lobularia maritima
Bachelor's Button Centaurea cyanus
Bird's Eyes Gilia tricolor, G. capitata ​​em>
Bishop's Flower Ammi majus
Breadseed Poppy Papaver somniferum > California Calendula Calendula officinalis
California Poppy Eschscholzia spp.

SOW OUTDOORS IN A CLOCHE OR COLD FRAME - Beets By Broccoli By Carrot By Cabbage By Cress And Endive By Fenugreek By Lettuce By Mustard
Oriental Greens: Joi Choi, Tah Tsai, and Pac Choi from Salsify

** Note: plants germinate slowly at this time of year, be sure to patrol for slugs. SEEDS TO START INDOORS IN MARCH
March is a great time to begin sowing seeds indoors for crops that will be transplanted outdoors when temperatures warm up in the spring.

p> VEGETABLES & amp; HERBS by Cabbage, Chinese by Cauliflower by Celery by Celeriac
Chives by Eggplant by Fennell by Hyssop, Anise by Leeks by Lemon Balm by Lettuce Marjoram - Onions - Parsley - Peppers: Sweet & amp; Hot
Summer Savory

Welcome beneficial insect into your vegetable garden by adding the following flowering annuals. FLOWERS
African Daisy Arctotis spp.
Begonia (tubers)
Painted Tongue Salpiglossis sinuate Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy - Chinese Calligraphy Chinese Lantern Physalis alkekengi Cosmos Cosmos sulphureus Cupis's Dart Catananche caerulea Lion's Tail Leonotis nepetaefolia in>
Livingstone Daisy Mesembryanthemum spp.
Lobelia Lobelia erinus
Mallow sylvestris
Marigold Tagetes spp.
Mignonette Reseda odorata ​​em>
Phlox Phlox drummondii
Pincushion Flower Scabiosa atropurpurea
Statice Limonium spp. - Strawflower Helichrysum spp. - Stock Matthiola bicornis - Swan River Daisy Helipterum rodanthe < / em>
Sweet Peas Lathyrus odoratus
Z innia Zinnia spp.