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Belle & The Prince in the live-action Royal Celebration outfit

Belle & The Prince in the live-action Royal Celebration outfit

Last night I read this story and I woke up this morning thinking about it. I want to read it again so that I do not forget almost anything and can easily tell it in those times of family gatherings, friends or colleagues, and splash the conversations.

I read it aloud in the kitchen while we eat breakfast and it works perfectly.

I love finding myself with these treasures.

Iban Barrenetxea is a wonderful and unique illustrator. It has its own style and its images are already recognizable with the mark of the author: almost always stylized figures, some extremely obese, usually placed in profile and wrapped in a clean and clear tone. Concrete, short and precise in gestures and movements, conveying a sense of elegance and distinction in their characters.

What we are discovering with this author is that we are getting more and more like how he writes. If his illustrations impacted us forever, written composition is intelligent, motivating, audacious, very rich in resources, with a development that provokes avidity in reading and exquisite endings. A text so well narrated, that has seemed even cinematic. Benicio and the Prodigious Shipwrecked is a sample button. An impeccable story.

Lilies - Sunset
Try yellow 'Desert Flower', red-orange 'Soiree', or 'Oklahoma', whose gold petals fade to raspberry pink at the tips. Moisture-loving leopard lily (L. pardalinum, zones 2-7, 14-17) has orange to orange-red flowers with brown spotting.

The story keeps many flavors of the traditional stories in the characters and in the theme, sprinkled with many winks to the usual narratives: The milkmaid, Simbad el marino the King Midas . Even on one occasion, the protagonist does not know if it is in an old tale, or what is happening is real.

You see, what happens inside the book tells us about a very poor fisherman. Very poor. A day of fishing in the sea captures a huge and strange fish from which comes a singular and sinister character that gives him three wishes. Three wishes, not one more, not one less . The fisherman asks, but then he looks for a way to deceive the strange supplier to satiate his desires, which are becoming more and more.

A curious, fun and entertaining reading that gives us a chance to think about ambition , the desire to have, the consumption, the humility or the satisfaction.

A very timely story now that we are filled with wishes with the new year.

You can read the first few pages now Benicio and the prodigious Castaway