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Stuffed Grape leaves or Dolma.

"Stuffed Grape Leaves" is one of the most delicious Arabian dishes I have ever tasted, at least my dear mother- (my husband's family) call him "guararish" so it is pronounced because to write it is not jejeje with that name I met them, I know them, they are very good and they finish so fast that by obligation you have to cook muuuuuuuchos.

so I could not find it when I try to see the recipes on the web, however I have seen in several pages and blogs of the Middle East that their name is "dolmas", and this is how appears all over the web. It seems to have a special name in each area. The truth is nothing more than leaves of grapes stuffed with rice and ground beef seasoned in a very simple way, but their preparation requires a lot of practice and dedication.

Each country in the Middle East has small variations in the condiments they use, which makes them a little particular, the Grecians, the Turks, the Sirians, the Egyptians, the Arminians, the Lebanese, etc. They do a little different, although the main ingredient is always rice and meat. Some make them without meat, others substitute rice for wheat, and others substitute lamb for beef. I have also seen that some people put lemon in the water where they boil, others fill with chopped nuts, etc ...

I will give you the recipe as my mother-in-law prepares it, that the truth is to suck the fingers.

2 pounds of ground lamb, remember to use cow.

1 pound of lamb bones with meat

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2 cups of basmati or long grain rice

1 bar of melted butter

2 teaspoons salt < / p>

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 tablespoon all spice

4 cups diced tomatoes (2 large cans approximately)

Step 1: Preparation of the filling.

  • In a frying pan put the ground beef and season with the salt, pepper and malageta, add 1 cup without the water from the tomato pieces and incorporate with hands kneading the flesh well.
  • Add the two cups of well-washed rice and mix well.
  • Melt the butter in the microwave and mix well, until all is well incorporated. Put aside.

Dolmas: Preparing the fresh leaves of grapes.

Step 2:
  • If the leaves are fresh, boil until they change color . about 3-5 minutes. Drain and set aside. When they are ready to cut the stalks before starting to roll up.

Dolmas, stuffed grape leaves.

  • Place a grape leaf on a flat surface the steak) Add a teaspoon of the meat stuffing and place it in the middle, stretch it WIDE, but more down (bottom) on the sheet. See photo above.

Serve with pieces of meat (from the bottom) above, must be very soft. To accompany with pita bread

This recipe WAS a family secret, so from now on you toooodos will be able to enjoy this delight that we like so much.

Have a good appetite.