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Imagen titulada Design a Successful Indoor Garden Step 1

Imagen titulada Design a Successful Indoor Garden Step 1

In this post I want to show the development of this kind of lithops, this lithops I acquired in 2004, with only a couple of sheets, in 2005 already were 2 pairs as follows:

Experimenting I did some changes of decoration with some stones that I got with a more similar coloration to mimic it a little more:

Apparently he liked his new niche because the following year was excellently divided in 2006:

The problem in this time it was that I suppose I had too much shade and the leaves grew too long, this is something that I try to avoid because I like these plants more with their natural appearance of habitat, lower and compact

exposing to a greater solar intensity, began to take a better look again, already for 2009 (March) better understood its needs and absorbed the pairs of previous leaves which should also be taken care of in this genus:

In December of that same year (2009) began his change of leaves as he expected:

The following year (October 2010) his appearance and I liked it enough, as to take it to competition jejeje:

Imagen titulada Design a Successful Indoor Garden Step 1Bullet1

So I decided to take a few more careful photos with a dark background:

2 years later (September 2012) has practiced the same number of pairs of leaves, it may be because they lack space to roots or new substrate to grow more, given its good looks had not bothered me much to change it to a bigger container or to divide it:

Once again in an area where it is under a sheet of smoked polycarbonate in these months of autumn, it is resuming the light green color, this is its current appearance in October 2013, and although I love the aspect of the forest, soon I will try to divide it into 2 or 3 portions just in case not to risk losing this beautiful species.

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The inner sheet constitutes the load-bearing wall made of wood-cement blocks (Durisol) of 20 cm. thickness, and large format. The materials used are used to the maximum, avoiding possible waste, through a correct project, and effective management.