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31831 Camino Rosales Temecula CA 92592

31831 Camino Rosales Temecula CA 92592

Establishes that concrete acts of cruelty and animal cruelty, resolves to resolve them to the ordinary (administrative) bodies.

or common jurisdictions).

The Constitutional Chamber, by a majority, issued Judgments No. 2017-14518 and No. 2017-14519 today, by which it resolved the remedies of amparo filed against the activity called "La Lagarteada", which is held in Ortega de Bolsón, Santa Cruz de Guanacaste.

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The majority vote considered that the Political Constitution and animal protection legislation establishes a broad (see Judgment No. 2017-1567), , whose fundamental purpose is to adequately ensure the well-being of the animals by punishing cruel acts and mistreating their rights. The special legislation provides for penal sanctions and the procedural way to resolve disputes in this regard. Consequently, it considered that there is a sufficient legal framework for the protection of the rights of the animals, so they refer the injuries that are alleged in specific cases to the ordinary instances (administrative or jurisdictional).

Judges Cruz Castro, Rueda Leal and Pcheco Salazar

For the most part, Judges Jinesta Lobo, Hernández López, Salazar Alvarado and Hernández Gutiérrez < / strong> saved the vote, since they considered as an event contrary to Article 50 of the Political Constitution, the World Charter for Nature (adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations) and the Rio Declaration, among other international instruments. Precisely, the constitutional and conventional protection cited justifies the control of constitutionality by means of amparo.

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