Jara, a lifeholic

Jara, a lifeholic

Jara, a lifeholic

Good week !!!

After the exciting Goya night of yesterday, today I bring some proposals to celebrate a holiday for the occasion of the Hollywood ceremony, the Oscars.

In Spain it is difficult to live the ceremony live; here is the dawn from Sunday to Monday and normally we do not gather as if it were a party.

In any case, we can always hold a party during the weekend, where the theme revolves around this ceremony.

I give you some ideas to make it something simple but fun:

* The fun thing is to be able to compare the results with our previous bets. To do this you have a list of nominees:

Print multiple copies and distribute them among the attendees, you can use this template on the How About Orange website where you have all the awards and nominees of this 2013. Download it here.

A nice detail would be to have a statuette for which you have been most successful. Always motivate to have a prize to the best contestant !!

Orient Express
Orient Express

* Another element that can not fail is a photo call: We have seen celebrities so often pose with their finery that has become almost as important a part as the ceremony itself.

The colors gold and black have to be the basis of the decoration tonight so you can use funds like the photographs (proposed by the store Airedefiesta) using a starry sky or golden curtains on black background. You can also glue golden or silver stars to a black background.

* Buy red gift wrap, or paper tablecloth of this color (which may be easier to get) and place it at the entrance of your house to the party area as if from the red carpet will be treated.

* Stars with brightness can not miss:

You can put them in balloons, hanging from the ceiling or on the floor simulating the walk of fame: Write your names and those of the guests so that they later have than to lay their hands and thus draw the contour of the same. Do not forget to put the name of some famous in some of them !!

* Including a popcorn corner:

And although these last two images are from the PartyCity store, in Spain we have other shops specializing in party products where you can find many elements: Statuettes, , Balloons, Confetti ...

The important thing is to have a good time so you can take advantage to take some board game movies and ... enjoy and be Lifeholics !!

Divine lips and super hydrated - Yuya
The bad thing is that with so much change of climate my lips get crazy and suddenly they are normal and out of nowhere I dry. I know what I say! Always from "always" bring a balsamito in the bag and put it as many times as you can during the day.