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Seguimiento del combustible

Seguimiento del combustible

The 320xx or NS32000 is a series of microprocessors from National Semiconductor ("NS", "Natsemi" subsystems). They were probably the first general-purpose 32-bit mircroprocessors on the market, but due to a number of factors it never became a leading chip in the industry. The 320xx series was also used as a basis for the Swordfish series of microcontrollers.

Beginning: The 32016 and 32032

NS32016 Microprocessor f: 6 MHz, 8 MHz, 10 MHz

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National Semiconductor NS32081 FPU. National Semiconductor NS32032 microprocessor f: 6 MHz, 8 MHz, 10 MHz.

National Semiconductor NS32381 microchipper f: 15 MHz, 20 MHz, 25 MHz, 30 MHz.

Originally the first chip in the series was called < b> 16032 , then renamed 32016 to highlight its 32-bits. It was available in 1981, and may have been the first 32-bit chip sold and mass produced (at least according to National Semiconductor's marketing department).