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Quebrada la negra- Útica

Quebrada la negra- Útica

Isabella M. shares how much she loves butterflies.

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Submitted by Isabella M .; 2nd grade 10/08
This entry relates to past, present.
Categories: Favorites things, animals.

I want to be a butterfly. Butterflies are pretty. Butterflies can fly. They should have a prize. I want to be at Monarch. But when it starts to rain, the butterflies have to go home! The butterflies fly
flower to flower.
The butterflies in the sky fly and all beautiful butterflies fly. But when you touch their wings they fall. Then when they fail they can not fly, and when they can not fly you can not see them and that's why you should not touch butterflies. And this is why I am very sad for butterflies. There are many butterflies in all of America.
They fly, they fly every day and every year. Some die, some live, but they are still pretty. And I still like butterflies. And today there are butterflies living and some still fly to the flowers and trees in all of Davis. The wings fly, the butterfly flies, and everyone is happy. The butterflies are very special because they are very delicate. I also like them because they are more beautiful than ladybirds and more beautiful than the insects. But when all of the butterflies die I am going to feel very sad and I am going to make a special paper flower for them with some stickers. My heart is going to be very sad and I think that I am going to be in my house. And when there are no more butterflies I am going to like dragonflies and when there are no butterflies I am going to have a lot of roses because I like butterflies.