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Wind has become one of the most important renewable energy sources in the world. According to the latest Global Wind Energy Council report, global production reached 486 gigawatts by 2016. This does not tell us much if we can not compare, which does give us an idea of ​​its importance at the present time if we say that a a country like Denmark generates 40 percent of the energy it consumes from the wind, followed by Uruguay, Portugal, Ireland and Spain, which obtains more than 20 percent of energy by this means.

Our friend Ulises believes that the data are very boring, so, thinking of the young people, he has asked the help of Don Quixote himself to help him talk about the wind power in the podcast we invite you to hear.

There were times when the windmills abounded in the lands of Castile. These structures were so imposing that it is not strange that Don Quixote's troubled mind confused them with giants. They consisted of a tower of up to 15 meters in height, around whose apex they turned menacing four big wooden frame vanes and skins. The winds, hosts of the Greek god Aeolus, forced the movement of the blades and they turned a large stone that crumbled the wheat into flour. Thus, the men of Castile put at their service the energy of the god: Wind energy.

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It is not at all strange that the ancients attributed divine powers to the winds. After all, they are born of the influence of two great stars: the Earth and the Sun. The Earth because it rotates and moves through the cosmos surrounded by air and the Sun because it heats with its rays the terrestrial surface. Between them they maintain the atmosphere in continuous movement as if it were an immense thermal machine.

Air is a fluid that is disturbed by everything in its path. The lower part of its current collides with the earth and slows down. When it slows down, it slows down to become close to the ground and the effects of earth rotation affect it less, its deviation to the left or right is smaller. On the other hand, a few meters from the ground, the highest parts of the current of air follow its way without being undisturbed, its speed is greater and its direction slightly different. For that reason, the blades of the wind machines are placed at a certain height and in terrains with few obstacles. At the sight of intrepid travelers like Don Quixote.

Modern giants need the wind blowing as long as possible and moderately strong, so we look for privileged locations where local effects of the terrain favor that circulation .