Cemetery of San Miguel de Málaga

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The former Councilor for the Environment is now director of the Cementerio de San Miguel, a newly created post by the mayor's decision to help recover this corner of the historical artistic and sentimental heritage of Malaga. In two weeks will begin a major rehabilitation that will focus on the chapel, the wall surrounding the graveyard and the outer pavilions.

Lawyer, journalist, CDS councilor from 1987 to 1991 and Environment with the popular in the previous legislature, now runs the San Miguel Cemetery and although he has an office in the City Hall, he does not stop visiting the famous cemetery at any time of the week. Yesterday, prior to the interview, he was showing the news to the president of the veteran Association of Friends of the Cemetery of San Miguel, José Luis Cabrera.

Was a Cemetery- of San Miguel?

No, the mayor decided, so far there was no director of San Miguel Cemetery. When the previous corporation finished, he called me and proposed it to me. It was his decision.

To direct the Environment of Málaga to the recovery of a cemetery. Do you consider it a step back?

My political vocation is ancient and I have always been interested in the heritage of Malaga. I believe that in the service to the city it does not matter where you are placed. When you are councilor you have the possibility to act more quickly but of the work that I have I am satisfied because the mayor is very involved and for any performance he is always available. I think there is no small work, it depends on you, how you can value and show people.

How is coordination with Federico Souvirón, the manager of Parcemasa?

What is the state of health of San Miguel Cemetery and what is it doing to improve it?

of course it can be improved. What we have been doing at the moment are small repairs and basically create a specific database because we may need to require the owners of a pantheon to repair it because it is in poor condition and is slow and heavy work - in the private pantheons we can intervene and must be the owners who do them. We are also restoring some old books of the San Miguel Cemetery which were stored in Parcemasa, with data of all kinds from the first day of the construction of the pantheons.

Is there activity in the cemetery ?, despite its antiquity, can you make burials?

You can deposit the ashes of your relatives in the pantheon of your family. There are not many cases lately, but there are some. What we are trying to do is to be strictly familiar.

One of the things he has done has been to clean up the chapel.

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We have removed many things that were in the chapel, removed several objects, pictures that people placed and many flowers that were.

Is the chapel private or the Town Hall?

Are there many areas to restore?

The worst area is behind the chapel, in front it is more or less well. I calculate that in fifteen days are going to start works that will give people another vision, it will be an absolute change. To start from the chapel is going to chop all the outside and will be restored. In addition, one of the two bodies that accompany the chapel will recover its bulrush, which had lost it. It is going to look great and inside, as I said, we have done an important cleaning. In addition we will find it inside and will return the statue of San Miguel, which has been restored because it had been damaged. I am also behind so that from time to time a Mass is celebrated, something that the bishop is studying. At the entrance to the chapel we will put a couple of cypresses, but without interfering with the facade. I think when it's fixed it will change a lot.

the outside: in addition to the wall, the pavilions next to it, roofs included.

The pending subject would be Patrocinio Square, a huge outdoor parking lot with a fountain of the Tempus Fugit converted into a landfill and a shattered 17th-century commemorative cross.

With the source I have good vibrations and I think it will be fixed. The order of the square remains because here if a bus comes, it can not. We have arranged some outside benches with the cars going over. The important thing when you get here is that it attracts you a little and not like it is now. The idea is to be able to visit in comfort, conveying the message that the people who made this cemetery were cultured and that we continue to be. The mayor has a lot of interest in getting it done, the graveyard arrangement is a decision of his and it seems to me a magnificent decision.