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Ojos Azules Longhair

The Blue Eyes (Spanish for? Blue Eyes?) is a relatively new breed distinguished by its striking large and gorgeous blue eyes. This breed is one of a few cats whose eyes are not linked to a coat color. The Ojos is a medium-sized cat with a slightly rounded forehead and an angular muzzle. The nose has a slight break. The eyes should be the dominant feature of the face. Shaped nearly round, the eyes should be large without protruding. Eye color should be clear blue or gray. In odd-eyes, the second eye may be gold, copper or green. The body is well-proportioned with a graceful appearance. The hind legs should be slightly longer than the forelegs, so that the top line rises gently from the shoulders to the hindquarters. The paws are small and fine-boned. The longhaired coat is medium long with moderate density and a silky texture. There may be a moderate ruff and the tail has a full plume. The britches may have a shaggy appearance.

Guiri-aviator loose
This is a long blog with lots of photos but little slavo text I have considered necessary. Maori Hawk, adult female and juvenile found after many days with no success.