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Distribución natural Quercus hypoleucoides

Distribución natural Quercus hypoleucoides

On the part of their bird observation training, three interpreters; Percy Ccopa, Wilson Escalante, Elias Leon, took an afternoon tour towards the road that takes you to "La Cachuela" town. Two motorcycles, bird books and binoculars where needed. The explorer guides went up to kilometer 7 and began their birdwathcing day. The climate favored. The explorer guides needed to make a bird list since they were out for approximately 2 hours and did not want to forget a single bird that crossed their binoculars.

Here the list of birds that were observed: p>

As an extra bonus, the explorer guides you to spot important and rare birds during their birdwatching afternoon. The list of those is provided:

Complementary Roles of Home Gardens and Exotic Tree Plantations as Alternative Habitats for Plants of the Ethiopian Montane Rainforest - HYLANDER - 2008 - Conservation Biology - Wiley Online Library
Home gardens had more vascular epiphytic species than plantations, whereas the reverse was true for mosses and liverworts. Many tropical forests have been converted to agriculture or silviculture or a combination of both (agroforestry).

Southern Caracara (Caracara plancus) / Southern Lapwing / Small-billed Crypturellus transfasciatus) / Purus Jacamar (Gallbalcyrnhynchus perusianus) / Purplish Jay (Cyanocorax cyanomelas) / Hooded Tanager / Long Tailed Tryant (Colonia colonus)

Great day, awesome training !!

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