19 incredible designs you can create by recycling wine bottles | Upsocl

Imágen tomada

Imágen tomada

Here are 19 projects for you to do with recycled wine bottles. Look at the photos below and you will notice the infinite and wonderful possibilities offered by these bottles.

Imágen tomada
Imágen tomada

1. Beach House Adornment

This project is an essential tool for people who have a house on the beach, it is a very good ornament for a front porch. The nautical bottles are from Cameo Cottage Designs.

2. A very good idea to water your plants 3. Transparent flowerpots

You can make transparent flowerpots, and you can achieve a very modern look.

4. Shelf with bottles

You can build a small shelf with bottles of wine and some planks, an interesting idea of ​​"Apartment Therapy".

5. Luminaires, from "Michababy" 6. Blackboards

This incredible idea of ​​"Artistically Ashley" shows us how you can make slates with your bottles and leave messages on them.

7. Hanging flowerpots from "The Projectors" 8. Halloween decorations from "Lombardo Langniappe" 9. Bird Feeder

You can use the bottle to create a bird feeder, this idea is "Obaby BBQ"

10. Really unique and elegant "Brit + Co" glasses 11. Night Light

Garden Pots (O-Yahz) | Sustainable Scientist
I made lids with funny animal heads, stained them with oxides and underglazes, then covered them with a low-fire clear glaze. If it is fired just right, water will be drawn from it by the touch of something more dry, like fine soil or plant roots.