Praetorian Chronicles

The ateliers of the great designers often mark the trends of the fashion world-wide. Then the multinationals of the sector create in large quantities more affordable lines inspired by the color palettes or the lines of the big houses. For example, we know that the year that the mint green, be it from Zara or from Ralph Lauren we all end up with something mint green in the closet. The trend of shift floods the windows and there is no way to escape. Even so each country has its own idiosyncrasy and style to which the same guidelines apply. I do not identify with the Afrikáaner fashion, in fact it scares me, but until now I have managed more or less well to find things more of my style thanks to Mango.

Something as basic as buying underwear, should be a little complicated task in any country in the world. Today I discovered that it does not seem to be that way in South Africa. After spending two and a half hours wandering around the mall, I have come home frustrated, with a headache and empty hands.

From what I've observed in the 5 stores I've been to, there seem to be two categories of women's lingerie in South Africa. The first, Bridget Jones-style anti-lust models elevated to the nth potency. Back collared panties with waistband at the height of the ribs. Ragged nylon fabrics sewn with fishing thread capable of pulling up the lizard skin. The tones, of grandmother: brown panzaburro, beis and white. The ornaments, sequins mostly. The fasteners seem to have dual use, in addition to the normal can be used to transport goods on a large scale.

Bridget Jones range - Look at color, fabrics and sizes

Gamma Choni- Attention !!!! not looking too much, can cause blindness.

Thinking that I was in the wrong shopping mall, I called the most veteran friends I have in these homes, to see if they would tell me where to buy lingerie that does not bite, or raise blisters on the skin. Do not cause epileptic seizures of glare when looking at it. They help minimally counteract the effects of gravity without covering you like a mummy. Do not bring lethal weapons camouflaged with ornament. That covers the basic slits for hygiene and comfort, but not reaching the neck, as often chicken has to be toilet to the conditions. I do not even ask for the clothes to be cute, which is a lot. Just do not pose a health risk.

After several phone calls to friends of different nationalities residing in Pretoria, I found out that unfortunately there are no more options than I have seen. My friends buy it in their country of origin and they carry cachets to last them all the year. And how have I not heard of this before?

Marisa with her usual humor has described in detail other categories of her own harvest, hitherto unknown to me. These are some of them:

Sevillana model sleeves panties - and see who has noses to wear a skinny pants with so many lace meters

Crochet Woven Jewelry in Peruvian Point - Learn Wire Crochet Jewelry
The needle I use is steel # 4 (1mm) and we also use the crochet needle # 10, with a smaller tip to help us take the low points. DIY FASHION / HOW TO CREATE WOVEN TILES WITH WIRE AND CRYSTALS WITH OPEN CENTER Bring them to work, dinner or party.

Mangas Model de Sevillana, special for skinny pants

Brake model and Magic caliper are included in the price

> TTanga Vicky the Viking's Tirachinas with adornments of the big 5 (elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, lion, leopard) From this I have no photos. I was starting to look weird in the store ...

I wonder how they manage the 24 million women who live here. Will they give up underwear or risk putting on those? Will there be dressmakers to order? Or are these ladies simply accustomed to suffering? I think it would be interesting to do a sociological study on this phenomenon and find the root of this misfortune.

The truth is that looking at the positive side, perhaps today in my courses by chance has found the way out of the economic crisis in Spain. It would not be wrong to approach the embassy's chamber of commerce, to tell the director that being a man does not affect him and for which he should not have known, of the line that has to be to mount here a Victoria Secret, an H & M or just a neighborhood haberdashery.

I tell you that my intention for this chronicle was to relate our latest adventures in Mozambique, where we came back on Sunday. But I thought maybe I would get you some laughs by sharing with you these little details of daily life. So I leave it for another time.

Tofo, province of Inhambane- Mozambique

The children are still well. Sofia has changed schools and is now happy because she is not wearing a uniform. Lucas is more funny and more distracting every day, he has not removed a bruise when three more. We celebrated our third birthday last week in Tofo, a remote beach in Mozambique between coconut trees and laughter. Jeff is just as well, totally Africanized. Now he has given to hunt. I have two zebra carpets on the way ...

And to say goodbye I tell you that since I miss you very much, I'm going to Spain in July. Moralos, Madrileños, La Rioja and Cantabros - you are on my route: Id prepare the wines!

From the Praetorian savannah, kisses a thousand. Barbara and Ruth, you would do us a huge favor to the women of this part of the world if you came to work here and teach them what is really fashion. Porfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!