Paloma Valencia L

Paloma Valencia L

I was asked to write what the books mean for me ... I ended up making a kind of report:

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How to write about what books mean from my (subjective) optics, without falling into descriptions banal, without falling into the trap of trivial words, while continuing to refer to everything I have ever read. It is precisely in all this that I find what today leads me to translate my ideas into keyboard, paper, and opinion.

Book: 1. Set of many sheets of paper or other similar material, bound, form a volume. 2. Scientific, literary or other work of sufficient size to form volume, which may appear printed or on other medium. 3. Each one of certain main parts in which scientific or literary works are usually divided, and the codes and laws of great extension. These are definitions that, if we look for in a dictionary, we can find. However, I do not appreciate the books by their leaves, nor by their extension, nor by the volume that they can imply. Its leaves, its leather or cardboard cover, its details in interlining and bleeding are but the body. The allegory of a human being: Just as the human being has eyes, they pages, as well as the physical structure, in them we find volume. Just as the human being is composed of soul as essential, the book as well. I like books because they touch the ethereal. It is the extension of someone, "the extension of memory and imagination" (Borges, 1979). It is through which that person becomes perennial. The book remains unbreakable in time.
I like because a book is not simply words that someone threw, but is complemented with the reader, who endows it with meaning. Each book, in each person, in each subjectivity, in each culture, will vary in meaning, which I like, that is why I say it is uncreated and ethereal.