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All the preparations for a wedding are important: from the place, the decoration, the food, the photographer and, of course, the invitations. Apart from being a cordial invitation for all your friends and family to attend your event, is a cover letter of what will be that special day and reflect the taste of the couple, as well as the theme of the event.

It is recommended that when you have all the information available you have to do them or do them with enough time in advance. Time is essential for the reach of your guests to confirm their attendance at the event. Thanks to this you will really know how many guests you have and, therefore, the budget you will need and all the other details.

Save the date

fashion announce the date of the wedding before the delivery of the invitations, either through an event in a social network such as Facebook, with a video, or by delivering a card. The point is that the guests reserve the date of your wedding and even know about your engagement. It is an idea that although it has become common, it is original and above all fun. They are sent with a long time in advance where the joy of the bride and groom is shared. They are ideal for weddings outside the city and even the country, so guests can prepare themselves.

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Small details for large invitations

First you have to make a list of the guests, both the groom and the bride. Includes the full name, since there can often be two people with the same name or who share surnames by be familiar. The list is important because you will know how many invitations you will need to and even on whose behalf you are going to label them.

Clarity in content

Content are the data that you want to transmit in your invitations. Remember to include:

The date and time. The direction of both the religious ceremony (if any) and the event hall or garden. The names of the bride and groom's parents. The confirmation address or phone number. The gift suggestion: shop or any other particular idea The dress code: casual, formal or rigorous formal The tickets, with them indicate how many people you are inviting in that particular invitation and if there will be children or not invited. Map of the location of the place, so no one will be lost, especially if the party is out of town or in places of complicated transit. Design, text and calligraphy

The design of your invitation will help clarify the arrangement of the text, style and font. You will find an infinity of ideas, the point is that your and your partner's taste will be reflected .

They are invitations that pay attention to every detail, from calligraphy, type of paper, and inspirational and beautiful phrases. Small motifs that give it an old air . These invitations are ideal for sweethearts with a refined and romantic taste.

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The text has to be air of the past, with a rounded and elegant letter style strong>. The colors of the paper can be between beige, brown or ocher and gold. You can accompany it with envelopes of lace, ribbons, flowers, buttons, bows and everything that inspires you to another era.

Classic invitations

Classic invitations they will never go out of style, since they are invitations for couples with a taste for traditional and elegant. The style is formal and you can look for many models that you like.

Color of paper that predominates is white. You can accompany it with letters in gray, as well as a ribbon of the same color, and even with some detail like a pearl or flower. The print can be embossed and you choose classic and elegant typography. The purpose is to look simple and clean, but giving a modern touch without losing originality.

DIY invitations

These kinds of invitations are made by you and therefore are original, personalized and can be very economical, but above all fun. You do not need to be an expert in design, on the internet you will find lots of help : you can download templates and complete them with your information.

Rustic weddings are very fashionable, and more so if they are outdoors and with natural motifs. Note that in this wedding style Wood is one of the main elements and therefore your invitations may be made of wood.

The type of wood, thickness and color (since you may find light or dark) you. Prints can be single-tone or mixed, such as green and dark brown, and you can also print them. Instead of envelopes like the classic invitations, you can wrap them in cloth bags, burlap bag, or with bows made of rustic rope and flowers, and even with lace. Imagination is the limit!

Theme invitations

These type of invitations are for the most fun and daring couples. thematic in their wedding, can also translate into the invitations. For example, if it will be a wonderful wedding, you can choose the Alice in Wonderland theme with the white bunny as the main character. If the wedding is about fairies and nature , one option is to make the invitations on craft paper with prints of flowers and plants.

And if you are passport with a boarding pass included, which announces the day, time and place of boarding, as well as the requirements to keep your passport in force. It will go big!

Trend 2017

These invitations are the latest trends and are great and different. You can choose a paper or cardboard paper. The envelope can be white, lined, or die-cut. A natural trend, which will be ideal for outdoor weddings with nature as the queen of the day.

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