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- You're not writing ...

- I'm with my train, do you like it?

- Since when I was traveling

- Perhaps you no longer have anything to say, look here I marked you several possible jobs

- I do not need that you look for work to me, I am well thus, I am poet

- What office is to be poet? Where I put it here: "Look for a poet, good remuneration"

I bring six million ways to die, only one to live

I'm B-Boy until death is what I mean

Do not compare me to a rapper who rhymes for rhyming

Javier Ibarra is unique as an icon of fucking rap

I rhymed thousands of words and I still want more < / p>

On the rhythm you know that I taught you a thousand ways

You can call this the era Kase.O

I am sorry in this letter there is no message, I

I only bring pure competition on the track

There is no pasta, no fame just import rap

All for being the king of micro life < / p>

If nobody won me, and nobody will beat me, my effort is sick

You want to get where I am, in two days?

Yesterday you were my fan , you're a god, today you're a fool!

What you said, my boy pay me the flow

But the best prize is definitely the applause at the shows

Self-taught, nobody knows the trick

Genetics and laring e, lyric engineering in the furrow

You already know who, brothers and Rubén

We spend hour after hour in the studio until it is well

Thousand thoughts per second this is not life

Which of the voices is the one that the homicide listens to

I do not know but I hear you and I want to kill

From shit and vomit, break your compact

Do not blame us for mistakes we have not made and you do

Now you see your pride raw swallow like sushi

Mc pussy cheesy whore, do not talk to me in the jacuzzi

The only one you've seen you paid for in a puti

It's unique in fucking sidereal space, I'll send you out

As Erik I'm the fucking boss and I'll fire you

I tell you: "Out of rap, you bastard"

Take measures, cure your rap of these.

Take measures, cure your rap of these wounds

Suck on my flash, drink energy drinks

To scare my metrics

Wear a mask but ugly colleague, walks off

My rap hermafrodita is a bitch fucking who fucks just like boys and girls

If you want to scream, just pee your pointer

But you want to gulp hot milk


And it flips with the flows of the cosmopolitan, universal is my fucked up rhetoric

Question out there, how many enjoy my inheritance

That tendency to deny the evidence

It is the one who hates us to arm himself with patience

You can not copy the stupid essence of the ass

You can ask cir ujano that you put my cheekbones

But do not play the fool, co, do not blame the public

It smells bad and it's your culofónico style

Blind of me same, if, from my egocentrism

But I feel for the rhythm a powerful magnetism

And is that rap is my lifelong friend

For I do not do club music, I do not expect the DJ to punch me.

Well, if you hit the Rumba, you'll even hear me.

If I click on the Potas I will sound after Bomb The Base

If I click on the Red Lord, after Isaac Hayes

I do not expect you to learn this lyrics.

listen to the car

Spring mix & gt; spring mix
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And from the sidewalk people say, "What raw music is that?"

What a pity !, this is the shit that listens to the daughter of princess

I warn you that they have said that today Alberto married

And that one of the guests left the car open

That Javat is dead and from this the truth

I am offering a concert today to the expert.

In today's chapter

Meto a los toy ... yacos! in your own sphincters

Download it from the internet

You take my rhyme in a tiger tiger carriage

There is a ravine full of them if you follow me I'll show you

It will be like a bad dream

I play toys of the puto guild

I deserve a prize, I'm just a vague bohemian smoker

you have a stamp or a cake company

Include a beautiful calcamonía at least with the disc you want

Do you like rap, do not have to be Mc son

Why do not you want the advice I leave you?

To my plim I do it for you, I save you scares

And a path of stones and snakes behind the bushes

Stiff and cruel, leisure business

When people get bored of you ... Take it for ...! look for another audience partner

Do not make crosses to know my potion

I bring excitement to the cooking point

My dentist asked me what I was doing

He gave me to tell the truth he thought he was delirious

> I looked at the anesthesia tube with a strange face

In the future her niece asked me to sign her

And my neighbor, What about the orchestra, "Eh .

How to explain that I'm on the crest

and that rap is out of control like my beard

is your ugly commercial butterfly against my larva

I have the nerves shattered depression after depression

It is not easy being who I am but

When I feel the best as today

I see the light and I think, buf go cross that you take your homeboy

And it is that I do not know, they do not have letters that support so much pose

I leave in the pits, do not cough me

Possession of exc. lusivo is my advantage

I keep the fire alive, for the B-Boy of hype and box

flipo with the rhythm and I think bon voyage

I look out and all the lights go patras

On this pure blood rhythm after a luster

killing your hunger with hunger

Now listen to my jazz, pure drug like Elf

delusions of grandeur ? No, I've come back to winning without effort

with hard music

and hard words

that's how I come

Great Jeep

Do you think Brad Pitt is a bic, a block, a pencil, a fat beat? Oh yeah?

But you look like a Back Street by maxi photo

My rap is not made in a flash, maybe your disguise if

Extra, extra

Raises the abject spirit and soul

Rappel rampant canelo that you do not connect

Offered in sacrifice to the god of the sect

They say the flowers wither

But I have Arab watering in the garden, from my mosque ...