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Hello everyone, my miniature tutorial for the Advent 2016 Calendar is composed of 3 Christmas micro-tutorials and I hope you like them. They are a continuation of my Advent 2015 tutorial . In it I will show you how to make and transform simple objects that we can easily find on these dates.

We celebrate Christmas with new miniatures: Tartera, chandelier and crown

the 1st micro tutorial: how to make a "Christmas tartera" to put Christmas candies < br> To do this you need: - White plastic buttons 2.5 cm in diameter

- Wide pins 1.5 cm in diameter (desktop material) in red or whatever color you like.
- Pliers

- Small candle: apply heat on steel and release the prong with pliers

- Sandpaper No. 000.
- Silicone glue. Paper 2.5 cm in diameter

- 1.5 'diameter or flower petal shape of 3.5 cm diameter
- Gold card

- Beaded pellets lined with golden metallic wrapping of candy or candy.

Materials to make the "Christmas tartera" .

We begin:

To make the base of the pie: we hold the pin and envelope the candle is on and we apply heat to the steel spike after about 1 to 2 minutes. With the right hand have the pliers ready to hold and pull out until you get the barb.

Sanding the pin so that the base of the tray is stable.

With silicone glue, attach the base of the pie to the white plastic button. The button is not smooth on both sides, has a part with a flange and makes the surface to place candy is somewhat reduced by it. What I do is stick it upside down and thus have more space on the surface of the pie. When pressing both parts of the pie, you see that there have been holes in the button silicone debris, no problem with them we will glue and center the lace of golden cardboard with flower shape to the pie and let dry.

Once the golden cardboard lace has dried, fold the petals together.

down. Paste the white paper lace, let it dry and while preparing the golden balls to decorate the cake.

We continue with the silicone and join the paper lace.

Environment and Sustainability
Apparently the system saves a lot of cost in labor and infrastructure and is also simpler of what it seems. Vivian Aguilera Gonzalez Katia Sarahi Godinez Herrera Cecilia Guadalupe Villanueva Martinez

golden cardboard and folded down.

To make the decoration with the golden balls, stick with silicone in the base 7 balls, let dry, re-paste more balls in the 2nd row with 4 balls and in the 3rd

The 2nd micro tutorial: how to recycle a candelabrum of. The second micro tutorial: how to recycle a candelabrum of black plastic of the ones used for the nativity scenes in a beautiful "Christmas Candelabrum."

Candelabrum ready to decorate our Christmas scene. brush nº 9. - Golden acrylic paint. - 1 gilding brush nº 2.

It is very easy to apply a coat of English red paint, let dry and then apply a soft and slightly diluted golden acrylic layer to make it semi-transparent and let the background color reddish giving volume to the piece.

With these simple steps we have a beautiful Christmas wreath.

- Small branch of artificial spruce 7 cm long. - Pliers. - 1 cap of nail lacquer 2 cm in diameter. - Christmas beads of red balls 14-16 cm approximately. - Green sewing thread, most similar to the color of the spruce branch to bind the red balls.

Cut a branch of artificial spruce, curl with a cap of nail polish, decorate with beads of red beads and join with a little green sewing thread. And this is the result of our crown.

I hope you liked the mini-ideas and enjoy the holidays a lot.

Minilys Miniatures wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS To all !!