Cafecito con Rosario - Drinking coffee, restoring dreams, sharing stories and writing poems

Cafecito con Rosario - Drinking coffee, restoring dreams, sharing stories and writing poems

Cafecito con Rosario - Drinking coffee, restoring dreams, sharing stories and writing poems

Speaking of attachment is touching the shadow, it is visiting those dark corners of the psyche and uncomfortable states of the soul, for as the soul and ego go through different places we often experience internal battles and while the ego clings to people, objects and circumstances often toxic only for pleasure and addiction, the soul leads us, guides us and invites us to always give those small quantum leaps of consciousness, to flow and trust in life, pushing us to make decisions many times incomprehensible .

Attachment is that obsessive bond with people, objects, and states. It is generated because it gives pleasure or because we have the fantasy that that something or that someone gives us security and sense of life and is manifested through our addiction to relationships, money, power, sex, food, objects, work, internet, etc. When we cling, we give up our power to something or someone else, because when we cling we vibrate lack, it is as if we wanted someone to cover those needs of yesteryear, or as if we expected someone to mend the wound, and so we become victims and assume that the other person has the obligation to "make us happy", we leave that responsibility in the hands of someone else and therefore we lose power over ourselves.

Something that happens with attachment, is that we stop the flow of synchrony, we generate resistance, we refuse new experiences because we get caught in the known and we do not allow what by vibration and evolution corresponds to our current state arrives. What is important is to keep ourselves open to every possibility of the creative mind.

Detachment is to flow, it is to trust, it is to keep us here and now because everything we require is already, it already exists, it is just a question of being receptive and moving our energy without doing more, with the mere fact of giving us the opportunity to maintain ourselves receptive.

But what can we do to practice detachment?

Stand in the present without future. Uncertainty is ground breaking of the imagination, and the complete presence at this moment, is the place of all possibilities; Remember that we manifest according to what at the moment we think and feel co-creating future potential through our imagination, but if you want to practice the creative imagination with a desire to manifest, try to do it in a positive way with absolute openness to the experience as if you were living in the present but not holding on to something or someone in particular. Emotion, celebrate what is now.

Where your heart is your treasure, where your energy is your consciousness.

Focus on you . Imagine you are in the center of a stage, watch how the reflectors face you and see how you shine, so life, in the measure that you focus on what you have and not on what you need, in what dreams and what needs to be done to fulfill your talents and deepest yearnings without pretending to retain third parties, is the extent to which you will raise your frequency and ignite that divine spark in the heart, internally embellécete and you will realize how you become a magnet of everything good. Remember that source of satisfaction is internal and you are the only person who can turn it on.

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Do not force solutions . Keep only the intention that things align, give the best and release the result that the solution does not always depend on you and also everything has a why. When we flow, we usually come across people and wonderful experiences that lead us to a better port once the time comes; Everything has a gestation process and people give birth again and again as we open up to new ways of solving circumstances.

Dare to leave the comfort zone. Listen to your heart, if you feel the urge to change your house, job or sentimental situation, head up. Imagine that you are on a plane and want to launch a parachute, do you agree that you first need to jump off the plane for the parachute to open, do not you open the parachute inside the plane? This is a mechanism of our life experience, enjoying this journey implies courage, not just desire.

People live in an up-to-date trend, do not resist change . Everything has a moment, everything changes, we live oscillating like pendulums from one side to another, so let go of the controls and stay there in the middle of discomfort, it's just a little bit, everything goes from the deepest joy to the most intense pain , everything is temporary, do not cling to the belief that "something is going to go wrong again", when that happens through your mind, think that you are not the same person from time ago, look at you with fresh eyes and subtly you will be transforming your belief. Every moment we use our inherent potentials, we can do it all the time, do not throw in the towel.

Learn to lose . Socially we have been taught to win, everything is to win, it has become fashionable to "make the impossible possible". The ego does not like to feel that it loses, nevertheless, one of the teachings of Jesus Christ as the great pedagogue that was, has been to die and is that many of those pains of the soul or of the ego, are equated to a death of cross, so give yourself the chance to lose, to die a little while without much time to resurrect. Clinging can be organically expensive, much more expensive than taking on the loss or temporary death as a metaphor for an existential crisis.

Meditate and breathe . These practices are always a good resource for experiencing detachment from the body, just watch how freedom and flow are your natural state with pure breathing, how you inhale without retaining and exhale releasing naturally, is a game of death-life . When we silence our minds by remaining silent with our eyes closed or contemplating some image or some flower, we connect with our divine essence, it is as if we restrain any co - created future and deconstruct something new and better, from calm and confidence detaching from the past , conscious of the here and now.

Detachment is power, is to collect our energy regardless of the revolution that may occur in the heart as the process is lived, is not feel the need to have control or power about someone else, is to rely on the experience with quiet merit.

A person with personal power naturally attracts, without pretending and not controlling because there is no need, because he has himself, because he makes use of all his internal resources so, emotionally go, move, do what you have to do , lets die what must die to generate more life, as one of many holy books says: let the dead bury their dead .