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All the articles of my Shop Print & Fun in Etsy, are only for: PERSONAL USE (! *) If you decorate tables, you can use them, as long as you respect my logos and do not try to alter my designs or my files. You can not resell, share, copy or redistribute the file / layout. Please do not copy my designs, or try to modify them.

All items in my kits carry my LOGO (Print & Fun) on the back and my Etsy and Facebook page in small letters, the kits are for PERSONAL USE so I can not remove them, it's my job, and I hope you can understand this :)
** I do not send printed works, only digital files will be sent without cost of sending to the electronic address associated with the purchase in Etsy, approximately 2 to 3 working days after receiving your payment

The Party Kit will be sent in PDF format, you need the program "Acrobat Reader" that you can download for free here:

All files PDF that I send is password protected, the password is not sent, you can always print it, but you will not be able to modify it.
I will not send files in JPG or PNG.

Authorizing the sample of the design of your Kit, each change requires an extra cost, you will not be able to modify it.

Wilson Botanical Garden | San Vito Bird Club
A trained horticulturist, Dave is new to the Wilson Botanical Garden - we all hope he will be here some time to come! Many of the "lunches" signed up to help Dave twice a month with gardening projects that will renovate and beauty-up the botanical grounds.

Please note that colors may vary from monitor to monitor, and from monitor to printer.

Also paper types can make a slight change in the tones you see on the monitor.

We DO NOT CLAIM the rights to these graphics. They are not owned by Print & amp; Fun ©, you are buying only the printable kit design.