Imagen titulada Identify Trees Step 5

Imagen titulada Identify Trees Step 5

Greetings to all!

Christmas is approaching and today I leave you a new Christmas figure different from the ones I have published in previous years.

This is a Christmas tree, similar to another one I have already published several times and that I leave you in the following link:

The novelty of this design is that you can, as you can see in the image that accompanies this entry, put some colored balls in the branches of the tree. >

Next I leave a video explaining how the tree is made.

Wood / sp | Minecraft PC Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
Development Trivia Despite being less efficient than using wooden planks, these blocks are often used to make poles. For the most efficient building block produced from these, see Wood Tables Wood is very common.

For this figure I would also recommend using glue or glue to give more consistency to the figure. complicated to realize the trunk, can be made as base the trunk of the other Christmas tree that I published previously. The bases are compatible. And the one of the other figure is simpler to perform.

For the star that can be placed on top of the tree there are multiple models. In the following videos I leave several stars for you to do what you like the most. You will have to try different sizes of paper to fit the size.

I hope you like them.

Until next time!