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Orbea variegata

Orbea variegata

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the naked volleyball tournament at the Lake Come Resort in Florida again, but as much as it was an amazing weekend of fun and games, I do not have any footage to share (although there was a photo art project - still need to hear what came out of it). Well, I still have some material from my last year's journey, however. So, here's a report from a 2-day canoe / kayak trip that we did in the northern Everglades.

We started off at Everglades City, and after paddling I've got an offline map on my phone that could still use GPS to tell the location (there's no mobile service). With this delay, we'd need to really rush to make it to the chickee (a platform above water) where we planned to camp overnight, but luckily there was another campsite on the way to Lopez River, and there was nobody staying.

It was great to be on the solid ground after several hours of paddling against the current! So I decided to camp there, although I wanted my friends to get a camping experience on a chickee, which Tam and I thoroughly enjoyed.

The birds were singing in the sunset rays, and everything seemed perfect.

But then came no-see-ums (sandflies), and our evening was cut short, as we retreated to the tents after the dinner. Though we still enjoyed the full moon, it was peculiar to see a lot of locomotion in the river as the night came - it must have been a spawning season for some fish.

Project MUSE - Canto Ninth, The Canary Bird / Ninth Canto, The Canary
Its flight inaugurated the galas of the planet, the morning of the sky, the earthly clarity to the sun that lifted its dawn. Canto Ninth The Canary Bird In the trine was born the yellow name of the island of the Canary bird.

Next day, we continued paddling upstream, seeing quite a bit of wildlife around us.

Well, if ibises is nothing special for Florida, the next encounter was truly exciting - a sawfish!

It's probably rarer to see sawfish than manatees, and the ranger station even asks to report their sightings. After this, spotting an osprey nest did not seem like a big deal at all.

Then we reached the chickee where we were supposed to stay overnight, had lunch there and shot some videos, a few seconds of which became a part of our promo for the NuDance class with damoN.

After that, we decided to split, as I wanted to return by a different route, but the canoe crew wanted "to stay on the safe side "and took the same way back. In the end, it was not a good idea for them, that route went a lot more through the open water, and the day was windy - so they gladly took an offer of a ranger passing by on a motorboat who gave them a lift I myself went in the kayak via Turner River and then the canal along the bridge / road to Chokoloskee. My highlight was a little diversion that I took in a narrow channel on the side.

This allowed me to see the dense mangrove forest from the inside.