How to make bridal bouquets: 29 steps (with photos)

Determine the overall color. White or cream flowers are traditional, but it is best to choose colors that complement the bride's dress. If you have a well-made dress, this should be the center of attention, so you should limit yourself to using a single color or a small range of colors for the bouquet. If your dress has a simple cut, it can look better a more elaborate bouquet with a variety of colors and ornaments.

  • If you want a more subtle bouquet, choose colors similar to the wedding dress. Avoid identical tones and consider including emphatic colors. If there is too much similarity between colors, you can make the painting monotonous and difficult to photograph.
  • A bouquet of similar colors and tones is the easiest to assemble. Normally, a bouquet contains white flowers, cream, peach and light pink.
  • The complementary colors form an aesthetically pleasing bouquet. It combines the colors yellow and violet, blue and orange or red and green. If you do not want a very striking bouquet, use soft and clear tones.

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