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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our organization.

How does a positive environment affect family and community?

of the home and community improves the life of each member of a family and community by giving hope, building self-esteem, creating security, opening doors to other opportunities, improving work performance and grades, and improving school attendance. / p>

What is the Peoples 'Self-Help Housing Corporation?

Peoples' Self-Help Housing is a non-profit corporation and community-based support for families on the Central Coast to obtain affordable housing.

Who serves you ... Who benefits?

Our residents and their children are usually working poor, single parents; people with disabilities, veterans, formerly homeless, mentally ill, and people with other special needs.

Help Housing?

We are funded in a variety of ways including private donations and scholarships provided by corporations such as Fannie Mae, Wells Fargo, Washington Mutual, and Santa Barbara Hutton and Weingart Foundations. We also apply for community funds, cities, counties, state, federal, and other scholarships.

Do you get government support?

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Yes, we also compete for many government grants such as those provided by the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and even the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) that bails the dance program on our Ladera property. / p>

How do you locate properties?

How can I volunteer?

Our volunteers are very important to the work we do and we have a variety of opportunities for them. Volunteers help with our after school education (YEEP) programs, work at special events, and become tutors and mentors for our younger residents. They give classes in reading and writing, computers and art. Volunteers accompany children on field trips, visit elders who can not leave the house, provide general office work, and help add funds.

Are they considered you a national organization?

No. Peoples' Self-Help Housing is a non-profit, community-based corporation serving the Central Coast of California. Our programs have been models for other national organizations.

What is sweat-based capital?

Those who wish to buy a home participate in construction of the home, thus helping to reduce the overall cost. This is called sweat equity or equity. Programs of this kind produce a tremendous amount of pride and satisfaction for new homeowners because they literally participated in realizing their dreams of having their own homes.

How do they work with other organizations in the community?

PSHH collaborates with many other service-based organizations. Many programs provided in our apartments are provided by local organizations. For the most part, other organizations in the community refer us to people in need of low-cost housing. We accept referrals from the Veterans Administration, homeless assistance programs, and other social service agencies.

Does PSHH accept donated goods?