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Manolita Flowers
Other names with which it is known are: common laurel, of the palo, laurel American paleo or laurel of the kitchen, the rustic . The common laurel is an evergreen dioecious tree 5-10 m high, straight trunk with gray bark and dense, dark crown.

English: Laguna Nimez Nature Reserve is an IBA Important Bird Area. There are a variety of 80 species of birds, both Patagonian residents and migrators between waterbirds, landbirds, shore birds and birds of pray. It has an important nesting reed area, patagonin steppe bushes, wetland and lake shore.We offer information and maps in 6 different languages, interpretation path around the 2 lagoons with signs with pictures of birds, viewpoints, walkways and two hides or blinds for wonderfull birdwatching. Takes from 1 to 3 hours visit. Bird site guides, binoculars, water and toilets on site.Entrande fee helps management, conservation and education.Espanol: Laguna Nimez is an AICA site, Important Area for the Conservation of Birds. It houses a great diversity of patagonian and migratory resident birds, they are about 80 species among water birds, terrestrial, t-shirts and prey. The Reserve has different environments, wetlands, shrubs of the Patagonian steppe, coast of Lake, pasture and an important nesting area in juncales. We offer information and maps in 6 languages ​​to walk the interpretive trail with posters with photos of birds, viewpoints and 2 observatory shelters. The visit has a duration of between 1 and 3 hours. At the entrance we have available Field guides for the identification of birds, binoculars, drinking water and sanitarios.La entry contributes to the management of conservation, ecotourism and education of this Municipal Nature Reserve , administered by the National University of Southern Patagonia UNPA.