On many internet sites you will find titles like this. They tell you everything, 10 things. ... with your life, with your emotions, if you want to be productive, if you want to lose weight, if you want to succeed ... etc. .etc ... etc.

The web is full of tips and recommendations, I confess to being one of those people that consults "the ten things I should do" ... and generally I do not do any !!!

If this happens to you, I challenge you to follow this new series and make your own at home (yes, making lists sometimes works ... if you put them in giant letters or in some visible place to see them and do the slope!)

There are five things that you can (I will not put "must", because sometimes we feel that the blissful word is an obligation ... you can, because you improve your life) to make your life easier and start to form a culture of prevention and order.

Let's see ... if you start to study a new cycle, this may help.

1. Check your notes from the past or other cycles or semesters.

This may be frustrating, either because you did not spend the semester or because you have a mega disorder you justify I'll do it later or tomorrow. "

If you are like many mortals, it is best to attack the problem once and for all. Think less is more ... a tip ... DO NOT classify.

Throw it all aside and then ask yourself: Is it really necessary, will I use it again, use it for my training? ... have I used it in the previous semesters? ??.

If the answer is NO, as in most cases ... recline it !! do not throw it ... take it to a paper center and get a few cents for it. If you do not even use the bus ticket ... learn to do paper !!! ... start a business ... be proactive ... then tell me if you're not tired of so much activity.

This is for boys and girls. It happened to you that suddenly nothing fits in your closet and you always complain that "you have nothing to wear"?

This is your chance to exercise gratitude and gift. Remember ... less is more! How many shirts, blouses, jeans, etc. have you occupied in the last semester ??? Count them apart.

What you have not used in two months, six, a year ... what would you keep (minimum two to three garments) and would you wear it this semester? If you will not put it ... you have to give it.

Here's what to avoid. The unnecessary accumulation that only complicates our mornings. Avoid that unnecessary accumulation that causes stress !!! An organized closet with few clothes, which are necessary is more rewarding than you imagine!

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What have not you used for more than a year? ... you have to give it away !! ! ... well ... you already have a burden ... to an orphanage ... or similar ... give it to him and you will have new space, more orderly and organized and now you will know that to put you quickly!

3. Do the same with the shoes and your accessories !!!

Check the soles, the ribbons, the color ... sometimes they can be rescued, but if not ... you have to donate them. Others need much that we no longer have. Think about others, you will have a better option to acquire what you need.

It has been proven that two pairs of shoes are more than enough to use in six months. Although our climate is tropical, there are comfortable sandals that we can use, and also if we are innovative, we can improve them with a little imagination.

Look for ideas on the web !!! With the accessories of women and men we can do something better, and even renew them!

Whether shared or not, you must handle a highly hygienic and very minimalistic space. If you like to have 2.3, or 4 cans of shampoo, conditioner or others of different brand because ... "you get bored", it's time to make numbers and ... space !!!

Terminate them all, do not buy more, if you can mix them all in one boat ... because surely all ... you have them in the middle !!!.

When you go for the last one and almost finished it, buy one, the one of preference. If you get bored, buy it small so you can change it quickly. Make numbers and you will realize everything that you are wasting.

Use everything small if you get bored ... and if you have no desire to buy followed or otherwise ... compare a single medium boat. Buy "pastes" ... and cut them down, in the central market you can find them at a good price and they are products that you can degrade in composting processes. Learn how to make soap ... on the web there are many ideas about this ... who knows and start a new business!

An organized bathroom, simply and without so many objects cleanses the mind , helps us feel better and improves our quality of life. The colors you choose them!

Soak the cans by color (siii ... this helps a lot, aesthetics are important when taking the bathroom) or utility function . The two combined are powerful and improve your life.

Invest in cleaners, if you can not buy, use white vinegar, the cheapest, and mix it with lemon, that will serve to clean it organically and with less money. Cleaning in a bathroom is essential for you to feel super good ... as a king ... or as a queen!

Be creative and look for ways to handle hygiene implements so that you do not get stressed.

And finally (remember ... they are only 5 things and they are not difficult!) ...

5. Start composting at home!

6. Ohhh ... we said FIVE !!! ... ok ... relax ... it's all for today!

Happy start to entrepreneurship and order in your life!