Birding Is Fun !: Spring Splendor

The spring season is one of my favorite times of the year. Along with milder temperatures, the greening of foliage and flowering trees, bird migration occurs. Colorful, active birds make regular stops throughout the Midwest. Some delight us with their beauty during the summer months and others stop for only a brief visit as they make their way north. Below I feature several of the beautiful birds I look forward to observing over the next couple of months here in Chicago and northwest Indiana.

A stunning Yellow Warbler seeks the perfect seed

Singing a delightful melody ~ Yellow-rumped Warbler

A resplendent male Indigo Bunting displays his brilliant breeding plumage

Sora makes his way gingerly across a fallen limb

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A diminutive Ruby- throated Hummingbird shows off its pretty iridescent green feathers

Seeking food amid the tree blooms ~ Blackburnian Warbler

A sightly Canada Warbler pauses momentarily

Looking over the reflective pond ~ Northern Waterthrush

Common Yellowthroats are seen throughout the spring months Peek-a-boo!

Foraging amid the grasses ~ Palm Warbler A Prothonotary Warbler seeks food under a fallen tree branch

A pretty female Baltimore Oriole delights in the blooming tree buds