Decorate with origami - DIARIODECO

How about the week? Through here without stopping, the days and weeks pass at a speed of vertigo, wanting to do a million things without being able to reach everything, but that way we stay active.

That's why today I bring you some ideas very molonas to decorate your houses or celebrations with origami, that Japanese art of folding of paper without using scissors and from where they arise true works of art. You just need some patience because some figurines bring them.

It is very common to use figures of origami to decorate parties, weddings and candy bar. The pompoms and the honeycomb balls are very common, but there is much more. The curtains of birds or hearts will also look great in your celebrations,

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The nursery and baby rooms are suitable for using this decoration on the walls or over the crib.

The lamps are another element that we can make of paper always with certain precautions of course.

Garlands of lights covered with figures of origami, you can see the step by step in the link of the image. We can also decorate with walls paper and pictures, and give personality to a corner or wall with an original picture or a composition of paper figures.

So ... do you dare to make some of these paper? I'm going to start by the little birds to see that such.