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El Nuevo Día

El Nuevo Día

This is the first time that the federal government proposes to allocate cash and money to solve the Salton Lake problem. The rapid contraction of the lake poses a risk to humans because of the toxic air pollution that threatens millions of migratory birds, experts say. If the lake disappears, it would generate clouds of toxic dust over Southern California.

What made tens of years a tourist attraction, now has become an ecological nightmare. David McNew / AFP "The water is dark brown and only looks blue because it reflects the sky. The white beaches turn out to be so because they are formed by the pulverized thorns of millions of dead fish. Birds are probably not having a good time. Bird-borne botulism is a persistent problem in Lake Salton, which kills thousands of birds each year, "writes one of the netizens who has just visited the lake.

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Lake Salton was formed by a large flood of the Colorado River in 1905 as a result of a monumental miscalculation in an engineering work. After excavating an irrigation canal from the Colorado River, the river overflowed as a result of a series of floods and changed course. For several months water flooded the irrigation canals in the Saltón plain and flooded a total of 1000 square kilometers of desert creating an inland sea.

David McNew / AFP Lake Salton is brackish because the surrounding land contains salt deposited by an ancient sea, disappeared thousands of years ago. Farmers removed salt from nearby land to make it arable and salt has accumulated in the lake, which is now saltier than the Pacific Ocean. Due to its high salinity only surviving tilapia, which is dying en masse.