Small Garden Decor With Flower Pots

The story goes that pots were created to transport plants or small crops and the first to use them were the Egyptians.

Some small green areas within our homes or apartments, and especially the ladies is who we love the flowers or plants in the garden and we would like to have pots , these containers serve to decorate both green spaces and closed environments in houses; many times we have no idea how to decorate with them. Today we will talk about the decoration of small gardens with flower pots.

Next I will show you how to make a flowerpot with pots, it can serve to decorate the entrance of your garden or can also go in some angle as corner, will try to get 5 pots of different sizes and can be of sizes # 6, # 8.25, # 10, # 12 and # 14.

Inside you can place a cement brick in shape circular, so that it serves as a support for the pots that will go inside each one, you will build a tower, before assembling it you must place the plants that you want to plant.

the ferns.

According to feng shui, this type of decoration will fill energy, harmony and serenity in your home, it will be a great idea to have this type of decoration. / p>

This new model of decoration is perfect for the central part of your garden , to be will come to attract the little birds that pass daily, surround it with your best flowers, I recommend that they be thoughts or some plant that flourishes in every season.

If you want to give color to your home, it would be great if you had some nice pots that you could paint yourself. Get a few rubber tires of all kinds of sizes, paint them your favorite color, stack them as if you were to build a tower.

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Those that will go at the top, to fill them with the ground recommended that one of the holes the caponees with a cardboard or table in such a way that allows you to plant your plant.

Between each grandstand you can place statuettes can be hares, pixies or a few simple chicks as the picture shows.

This decoration will look very attractive in the central part of your garden.

Nowadays we can find different models of flowerpots, stone, and are made by artisans, here I show you this decoration with stone planters, it will serve to give an executive and formal style can be used in small gardens of office gardens.

Try to plant plants that go in straight form they may be small saplings as well. Place them in an orderly way in a linear way trying to form a kind of fence, can be located in the perimeter of the garden

For a slightly more homey, casual style, you can decorate your own stone pots, get a few hollow bricks, fill them with soil and plant your favorite plant, I recommend small bushes, you can also locate them forming a fence to provide protection to your small garden, it will look very decorative and striking

I will recommend you to always keep the lawn of your garden so that the pots you place can be appreciated, I hope this kind of decoration will serve you for your little garden Until the next.

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