Art at home by Nauma: April 2009

Curtains are something that has always caught my attention. They say a lot of the inhabitants of the place, at least to me they tell me a lot of the spirit reigning in that dwelling.

My life went through many houses, since from the 18 years I began to live alone and, of course, rented. My first curtain was not just a curtain ...

My parents' house was on the outskirts of the Great Capital, more than 30km. When I left the nest that had cuddled me for 18 years, it was for a studio apartment, as well as a little house, in the garden. Big Capital with a single window, internal: (

I was happy to start that new life, but I was choking the cement.) I remember crying at night, missing the smell of the earth, silence interrupted by some other motor in the distance.

THE PLANTS (Elementary Didactics Unit) - PARTS
There are two types of stem: woody stem, which is hard and rigid and herbaceous, which is soft and flexible. Depending on the stem, the plants may be trees, shrubs or grasses. > trees have a woody stem.

At that time in my work I was paid the Minimum Living and Mobile Salary (something like a fair amount of money justito not starve) and obtained an extra entry working as a waitress on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.You can imagine that every penny was located inside my micro economy, if one was missing, it was a catastrophe!

One day I decided to brighten up the scene and prevent the window man in front of me spied so ruthlessly and bought paper clippings contact ( plastic gummed) of green, red, blue and yellow colors. With them I made a garden of tulips on the window glass. It looks like I was looking at it ... I remember cutting with the folded paper several times and for months I had my left thumb (I'm left handed) asleep Ja Ja Ja

Now everything is more modern, there are these graphic design centers with plotters and adhesive graphics that perform amazing things. And to think that I did it with contact and the Chinese tijerita !, if that, that can be folded and to do thus of chiquitita. What a crazy thing!

Well for those who are wanting to make the curtains here I reach some that I found on the web, hope someone serves them.

My mom is at home and better. Today we had a shift with the pneumonologist in San Telmo, but with the traffic ticket for not knowing, the ambulance did not arrive to move us on time and everything happens for next Thursday. I still have no camera, a shame, because today I sewed Matilda a skirt of Princesses and yesterday I wore a pair of slippers to my mom that I saw in the VD, I am also doing some owls of a SAL of Delabores in net and weaving a pullover for Matilda in orange, ah! and I finished Mateo's thermal vest. I wanted to share it with you ... Well I leave bla bla bla and dismissed with a big greeting to all the workers who carry the bread to the table of your family! My respect for you